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The best Erotic Massage I have ever had

It was a gloomy day. The weather was so sorrow that my mood went down right away and I needed something to change it. The first thought that came into my mind was that i needed a hot erotic massage, but all the saloons were packed. 

At this moment I was thinking that this day could not have gone any worse. That was untill a friend of mine, which I was having a chat with about what to do, told me about this agency which variety of services providing girls was quite intense. After I finished my talk with him, I went straight on their website and there she was! It was a tall, gorgeous blonde  whose listed services included the full pack of massages including Tantric and Erotic, but also a few more things that left me blown away.The first thing I did after seeing her was calling their number. The guy who answered the phone was very professional and established my incall right away. We made the appoiment and he gave me the adress for the incall, and I decide to have this gorgeous girl for two hours. I found her adress very easy and at the begining I was little nervous when I knoked at her door. When she opened it I said to myself that this is my lucky day. She was beautiful, natural and she smiled not only with her lips but also with her eyes. She knew how to make me go out of my way of being gloomy with a glare. She invited me in,she offered me a glass of wine and tried to speak with me to make me feel welcome in her flat.

She asked me what I would like and how she could pleasure me. That was the best way to start our extraordinary moment. I explained to her what my preferences would be and that she can do what makes her feel good, also. She needed to know nothing else, she just took my glass of wine from my hands and invited me in her bedroom. She started to take her clothes off very slowly and made me feel so good to know that she is doing that for me in that moment. As she began to lay her silky smooth hands upon my body I startede to feel shivers running down my spine. When she started kissing me I forgot about everthing around me. It was just us and our lips. I felt that I am in paradise. As our lips touched in a rush of passion, she slowly started getting lower and lower on my body, thing that made my mind go almost insane with pleasure. This wonderful girl then began laying her skin against mine and as she was crawling upon me like a snake that just caught it's prey. Her moves were full of passion and lust, thing that just kept me fired up.

After our two magic hours she invited me again to have a glass and to calm down my tension caused by pleasure. It was the best experience that I have ever had. She was perfect and she knew what I really need. I think that she felt what I needed and I can say that she show me what erotic massage really means, but also how you can be lost in pleasure. From now on I know where to go and relax after a really hard week because this beautiful erotic blonde was amazing in every way and made my day perfect. This agency is the best, they know what the costumers needs and they give you the best what they have, they treat you with respect. 

If you are in town and you need a massage, or just some special time with a woman, don't hesitate to call an escort from this amazing directory!

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