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I received a wonderful girlfriend experience (GFE) from an escort

For as long as I know, I have been a very shy man, I work in an environment. That does not imply a lot of human contact so you can guess that my relationship skills are not that great. I have grown used to it, however, sometimes I feel my heart yearn for something else, for something that will make it beat faster, for something that will feel that empty space inside of it.

I wanted to get back in the game and to find someone to get into a relationship with, however I had some difficulties with this in the sense that I just did not know much about how to get a woman to like me or how to ask her out. After spending some time on dating websites that did not give me any proper results, I decided I would try out a girlfriend experience offered by an escort. This is how I found myself in the company of Nyx Escorts and their great, London escorts.

I called them to set up a meeting with one of their brunette escorts and I was really thrilled to see that they were very polite, patient and helpful with me. The guy on the other line paid great attention to what I told him my preferences where and he really cared for what I told him I wanted. He promised me that I will receive one of their most experienced and friendly escorts that will take me out on a dinner date and will help me with whatever I wanted. And I have to be honest with you, hey really kept his promise.


The girl that Nyx Escorts provided me with was absolutely stunning, everything, from the way she was dressed to the way she made her hair was exactly like I told the guy from Nyx Escorts I wanted her to be. What was the best thing about her was the fact that she was very friendly and polite with me, she managed to make me lose my inhibitions and made me feel safe and comfortable in her presence. I absolutely loved every moment spent in her company because it was like I was spending time with a close friend not with an escort I just met. She made everything feel so natural and so easy with her lovely personality that I really enjoyed meeting her for countless times afterwards. And what was best was the fact that she always gave me advice about what I should do differently and about what I should change about myself or about what I should appreciate more.

Nyx Escorts and this brunette escort really helped me a lot with my self esteem and with my confidence, they did miracles for me and I will be forever thankful for that to them.

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