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The greatest dinner companion

I was in London for a bit the other month for a business meeting with some very important people. We know that in these kinds of situations, appearances count as much as knowledge so, for a middle aged man like myself to appear with a beautiful, young and intelligent woman by his side is a show of power that will not go unnoticed.

In this regards I have decided to employ the services of an escort agency that would help me with my situation, I found out about Nyx Escorts, a great escort service provider in London that was highly praised by it’s former customers, this is why I decided I would give them a try and work with them into making my dreams come to life.

I called them and I set up a meeting with one of their brunette escorts that did dinner dates. I told them that I wanted her to be dressed as elegant as she could because this event where we were about to go together was really posh and I needed her to look like a true goddess. And I have to tell you that she delivered on that promise, when I first saw her I was in awe, she looked like angels ought to look. The way her dress flowed on her beautiful, curvy body was so sensual and so arousing that I could not take my eyes off her, and neither could my colleagues. I instantly became the envy of the entire party, she was so amazing that the air around her felt warmer, but what was truly interesting about this lovely London escort from Nyx Escorts was the fact that she was very bright and intelligent.

She knew how to keep up a conversation and how to entertain a man with her lovely personality and sparkly attitude. This amazing, brunette escort was the best dinner date I could ever ask for such an event simply because she seemed like she fitted quite well in that kind of environment. Her dress, her hair and the way she walked seemed very lady like, but the way in which she cared for me for the entire night made me feel like she was giving me a true girlfriend experience.

My night spent with her was beautiful and this London escort  was absolutely bewildering, she gave me the best date I could ever ask for from a London escort.           

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