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I had a great time with an Indian escort

It has always been my fantasy to have an adventure with an Indian escort. I have been attracted to those big, dark eyes and that absolutely lovely skin since forever. That beautiful exotic flavor of Indian girls was what made me fall so easily for them especially because they looked so different, in a good way, than the other girls. My fetish was real and so was my desire, I wanted nothing more than just to spend a night with one of them.

This is how I reached Nyx Escorts, one of the best escort service providers in London. They had in their roster an absolutely wonderful Indian girl that was very much to my liking so I decided I would try them out to see if they could possibly set up a meeting between us two. The Indian escort that they had was very beautiful. She dressed in a very elegant, dark red dress that went so well with her brown skin. She moved in a very sensual way and the way she looked at me was something else, she gazed deep into my soul like an enchantress would do.

The light was dim in the restaurant where we first met up. It was something straight out of the movies the way that this wonderful date was set up by Nyx Escorts and by this lovely Indian escort. She wore a perfume that filled the room with a very delightful fragrance. But the best thing about her was her skin, so soft, perfect and really smooth to the touch, it was like she was built using the best star dust. This elegant Indian escort knew how to entertain a man, she knew how to keep the conversation going so that I felt really comfortable in her presence and really cherished by her.

Everything about her was exactly what I had dreamed about, she was the stuff that made my dreams, but she was real and she was standing right there, in front of me. There was nothing that could even compare to how romantic and to how lovely I felt in her presence, she was the one that made my dreams come to life, and I am forever thankful to Nyx Escorts for making this desire of mine come to life.

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