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A day in the life of a London escort

Do you want to know the way Nyx Escorts is able to make you feel like? Do you want to benefit from the best London escort experience that you can ever find?

 One day in which I could wake up and feel you next me. A day in which I will feel you alive. A day to wake up with your hard dick on my ass and feel your hands caressing my breasts.

I try hard to open my eye while you bite me like crazy from my neck. I cached your hands and I pushed

them on my breasts. Come on, pull them, and squeeze my nipples. You turn me over and you get over

me taking out my t-shirt. I see that I dared you. You stick your nose between my breasts and you take a

deep breath and start kissing them hardly. I feel how your tongue wakes them up, you grab my nipple

with your teeth and you pull it easily. I’m already wet and I want to feel you deep inside me. I look for

his dick in his pants and I grab it. One dick like I love them to be, I said in my mind. Come on, get up and

give it to me into my mouth. I wet his head with my mouth and then I took it entirely into my mouth. Put

it deeply inside so I could feel it on my throat. I woke up with an enormous wish this morning. I felt your

sweet taste that I miss and love. I want time and I want to be fucked.

You go down and you put it deep inside me. I want you to be rough and fuck me fast. I stick my nails into

your buttocks and I pull you suddenly closer to me. Now kiss me so you could feel the crazy taste that

you left me on my mouth. Turn your nasty ass now, you told me. I want to enjoy it. You spread my pussy

and you go in me from the back, grabbing my clitoris with your hand. I love like a crazy this thing, how

my juice is flowing down on my leg, from all the pleasure that you’re making me feel. I love this position,

is making me feel like the last tramp. You take out your dick and you hit me with it over my ass, then you

take its head and rub it over my clitoris. I put only your head inside me, and then you took it out. I

begged you not to torment me because I want your dick, I want to feel it. You bite my back and you got

in really fast and hard. I feel how my pussy is squeezing around it. I don’t want you to get out. You feel

me up with your sperm while a crazy pleasure fills up my entire body.

I’m ready to start a beautiful day. I will take it from the beginning in the shortest time. Today I want to

get to know you and how other then enjoying every part of your body.

At the end of the day, you will know what it means to live!


This is the way an experience with Nyx Escorts feels like. 

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