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An affair with a client as a London escort

Since the first day I’ve started working as a high class London escort, the most important thing that I could think about it was to keep a professional relationship with my clients.

I was very careful with that, end up being way too careful

sometimes. I never wanted to have a relationship too profound with a client because I was afraid that

might end up being something else. I was afraid that one of us might fall in love, or maybe just that one

of us would want more. Every time I felt that we were getting to close, I was going a few steps back and

started to act differently with that person.

But one day, I don’t even know how it happened because it was too fast, in just one moment,

everything changed. My job as an escort involves lots of attention regarding the way you treat the

clients. They need you to be careful, friendly, sweet and tender with them and we must be careful not

the cross the line and fall in love with them or to make them fall in love with us. In that day I met with a

new client at office party. He chose me randomly, and I never saw him before, so I didn’t knew what to

Everything about that night was extremely special. He was so sweet and mysterious and he

charmed me from the first moment, first hello and first kiss… Maybe every girl who would have gone to

a date with him would have said that it was nothing special. But for me, everything was special. Without

noticing I started an affair with him. I was seeing him almost every day, I totally forgot about my job and

he was totally… married. For a few months I forgot about myself and about the fact that he was married

and about what I was supposed to do as an escort.

But lucky me, one day I finally woke up. That was the day when he told me that we must go back

home to his wife and when I realized what I do for living. My fairytale lasted for three whole months

until I realized that falling in love wasn’t for me that I love to have something new to do every day. It

was fun and very beautiful for how long it lasted but I’m still happy with my choice in manner of work.

I don’t regret what I did but I would never do it again. There were too much stuff in the middle

and I never wanted something on a long therm.

I am happy being an escort and I love meeting new people

 and doing new things everyday.


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