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An intense weekend in Berlin as a travel companion London escort

Wherever I may go, I will always return to Nyx Escorts for the most amazing London escorts that I can ever hire. They are the most amazing ladies that I was able to meet in my life.

I just returned from Berlin, I've been there to spend the weekend. I was supposed to go

there with a friend but she couldn't come so I went alone. I stayed on a nice hotel,

where I shared the room with 5 other persons. After a day of visiting Berlin, I went to

the hotel, and in the hall was a bar where you could listen to a pretty good music so I

decided to go there and read a book.

There was a lot of people, and everybody with his group. I sat on a sofa and I started to

read. I had noticed a guy who was at the bar with his group and he stared at me, first I

thought it was just my imagination, but the guy still stared at me. For a moment he

disappeared and as I was sleepy I went to the room. When I went out from elevator, I

met him; we looked at each other and nothing more. I went in my room and after 30

minutes the door opened and he appeared. I was shocked when I realized that he was

actually my roommate; in the room were bunk beds. In my room were also 2 girls

from China, another guy, me and him. His bed was over my bed, every bed had some

small nightlights, in order to avoid disturbing the roommates. Because of the time

difference he asked me what time was in that moment in Germany, I told him it was

01:10 a.m. and he fell asleep. Because I couldn't sleep I continued to read. It was the

only light in the room, everyone was sleeping, only I was awake, or I just thought so.

Suddenly, I felt how my bed was moving, I thought that my roommate was just

moving in his bed, but he has regular movements. Suddenly I saw how his mattress

was moving increasingly faster and I couldn't believe what was

roommate was masturbating himself...He tried to be silent...but I felt how the bed was


He saw me in the window, having the light on and being dark in the room he could see

my reflection. I felt how he was watching at me and masturbating, and that excited

me...I was all wet, he finished because in the room smelled like sperm...I was horny.

Again I felt how the bed was moving with an intense rhythm, I couldn't resist anymore

so I started to touch myself and I was very wet. My breathe was increasing fastly...I

didn't know how to control myself so that he don't realize that I was masturbating

myself too.

I was touching myself harder; I had the best orgasm so far. Next day I had to leave

earlier, he was awake, I could hear his hard breathe but we couldn't see each other. I

don't know who he is and I don't know anything about him, I know just that I had a

super orgasm.

I can't really stop being a London escort because this is simply one of the best things I can do in this life. It is so satisfying and fullfilling and I am thankful for being able to work with Nyx Escorts

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