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My first DUO experience with two mature escorts mature escort

My first DUO experience


Writing this story is a trip down to memory lane for me. I can never forget the way I felt that first time with the two women from Nyx Escorts. My heart still yearns for their magical touch and for the moments that I had with them. It was the greatest experience I’ve ever had with someone, I felt truly cherished and not even once in three hours did I hear the words “no”, or “I cannot do that”.

It was my first visit in London, I spent about two weeks there and I had a really great time. But being in that beautiful city and having long walks around the Thames made me feel a bit sad because I wished I had someone to hold my hand and give me a proper, smart tour of the treasures of London. This is where one of my friends came into play. He told me about a great escort service and how it worked with the most beautiful women he had ever seen. I didn’t even know how that worked, but I said that I would check it out. This is how I found Adda, a mature escort from Nyx. Her description stated that she was a travel companion and that she did dinner dates so I thought that was perfect for what I had in mind. She looked great in her pictures, but trust me when I say that in real life she was gorgeous. Her hips resembled the work of Michelangelo, sculpted with perfection and care. You could see that she took good care of herself, she was as beautiful as an aged wine, but tastier, finer and God, only one look from those eyes could get you drunk. We had a great time on our date, she was smart, literate and she really knew how to entertain even a young man as myself. But I know that you do not want to hear about our talks or how her beautiful lips were tingling my senses when they were wrapped around her glass of wine. The night was still young when we got to her place in Canary Wharf. The flat was amazing, tidy, clean and the view was more than romantic. We sipped another glass of wine watching all the little lights of the city dwindle away while she flirted with me and toyed with my senses with her soft hands. I had never been with a mature woman before, so you must understand my surprise when her friend Kathy appeared, they asked me if I had ever been in a threesome and I said no. At first I was a bit shy and intimidated by their beauty, but when they started kissing me, and between themselves and me again I realised I was in good hands. They guided me, taught me what to do, and took into account every little idea, fantasy and guilty pleasure. Everything I wanted to do they let me, three hours of pleasure that made me feel like I was in bed with two goddesses of sex. A blonde and a brunette, both busty, mature and sensual escorts that took me to the peaks of ecstasy.

You could tell by the way they laid their hands on you that they had experience, they knew exactly what and where to touch so that I could feel my whole brain explode and my heart race. When I was with them I wondered where all this good sex was until now. Why haven’t I had this kind of experiences before, but I couldn’t keep my head straight for two long. These two mesmerising goddesses changed the way I think about sex, taught me their little secrets and showed me what being with a true woman meant. I know now what to do in London, I know where I can find the true meaning of satisfaction and pleasure: Nyx Escorts, the best escort service provider in London.




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