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Daydreaming excellent London escorts


I fell asleep thinking of I always do. And as I closed my eyes you were next

to me.

We were lying on the bed, naked, warm...I was lying on my back and you were bent

slightly over me, you were kissing me, sometimes slow, sometimes harder, our

tongues were fighting and the fight stopped only when you wanted to bite my lips,

biting them slowly.

Your excited hand were looking for my breasts, I felt it when you touched one breast

and then the other one, when you caressed them slowly and when you played with


Then, your mouth started to caress them, kissing them, licking and biting them slowly.

I closed my eyes because of the pleasure, when you started to suck and to bite my

nipples dragging them to you. Your hand made place for itself between my legs. It was

excited to reach my warm and excited pussy. I started to tremble when your hand

touched my pussy and with your finger you started to tickle my clitoris. Ohh, I was

moaning when you introduced your finger in my vagina and with your mouth you

were kissing my pussy and licking my body was trebling uncontrollable.

Then I stopped you and I focused on your penis. It was so hard, ohh, how it’s looking

like when it is erect!...I'm taking it with a hand, I'm caressing it, I move the skin over

it, but I'm very excited and I started to kiss it.

I'm embracing it with my lips, I'm caressing it with them , I'm going to the top, I'm

kissing it, I'm licking it, I want to suck it and I introduce it into my mouth. You're

closing your eyes of pleasure, you like it, it's in my mouth and I'm playing with my

tongue on it...

Then, excited I looked at you and I told you that I want you to fuck me. I laid on the

bed, and with my hand I took your penis, I caressed my pussy with it, then I put the top

of your penis at the entrance of my pussy...I started to push it slightly within my

vagina, I didn't wanted you to rush, I wanted to feel how hard it was, to feel it

penetrating me slightly, to feel how long it is, to feel how it was penetrating me deeper

and deeper...

Then, you started to moving slightly, I was moaning of pleasure, I wanted you and I

had you inside me...You started moving faster , you took me in your arms I was

moaning of pleasure next to your ear...

Suddenly, you're dragged me to you, you penetrated me deeply and you ejaculated in

me, much I wanted that. You were falling down over me and your penis

didn’t leave my warm inner...I kissed you…


I would like to wake you up caressing you with a rose on your cheek, on your

shoulder, on your thigh. I would like to kiss you on your head, on your nose, to bite

your chin. I would like to take your breasts in my hands and to protect them like some

precious crystals. I would like to place with my fingers into your warm flower of love,

to expand its petals and to conquer the forbidden territory with my tongue.

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