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Discover how to dominate your Life with Nyx Escorts

Dominate your life


Domination. The most basic instinct of men for millions of years. What is it about domination that turns men on so much? Is it about them being in a place of power? Or about proving to others that you are the best? Whatever the case may be, I am sure that life has to be dominated by you. You can't really afford to be dominated by life. It is too risky. You need to have a bold vision and stick to it. Never forget what you really want. Never forget who you re. Never hide from your real nature. Don't hide from yourself. Only you know who you are. No one can ever tell you how to be thinking, speaking, feeling or actiong. We are all different.

At least as men, we all have something in common. The exceptions are few, so I will not bother with them. I am talking about men that are reading this blog. About men that love the finest London escorts and they love the satisfaction they are able to provide them. We all want to be the best. We all want to dominate our lives. We want to dominate in everything we do. We don't like to be obedient and to do what a woman or anybody else is telling us to do. We want to obliterate anything that is in our way and we are ready to use every resource we have in order to achieve what we are set out to do.


As powerful men, we are very stressed from time to time. This is the time when the tension really has to be released, or else you can become very, very angry. I guess you know how counterproductive can states like anger and despair be. The most productive states are satisfaction and joy. Both of these states can easily be reached in the company of our beautiful London escorts.


They are trained to satisfy you in ways your wife never does. They are trained to be better than any other woman on this placet and to make you only want them. They are the perfect embodiment of every chick that has been driving you crazy in your life. They are even better. Your lust is activated from the moment you see them, and knowing that as long as there is mutual respect and desire you can do anything with them makes this experience even more exciting.

Do you like expressing yourself? Do you like dominating beautiful, stunning women? Do you have a lot of energy that you need to get rid of?

Do you like hardcore sex? Do you love beautiful women?

If you answered these questions with yes, it means that our domination London escorts are the perfect choice for an unbelievable night of pleasure.

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