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Dreams I had as a London escort

I will tell you my dream… my phone rings, I answer and I hear your voice saying that you are coming

home and you miss me and you can't wait to kiss me…

After you got home we were both standing in the house, you were dresses provocative, having on you

lace lingerie, girdles, things like this… and you had some lace gloves without fingers. You were passing

and bending right in front of me, like you had some work, getting me horny. Knowing that you want to

play, I got closer put it to you hard a few times and then I left you like this. After this you followed me in

the house asking me to fuck you, begging me and say that you will do anything only to fuck you.

You got closer to me and started to rub my dick while kissing me… those gloves were making wonders… I

got really horny. You got down slowly with kisses and you started sucking it and licking it, liking slowly

my balls, you were driving me crazy. You did everything so slow, so passionate, with an extreme

pleasure that I can’t explain with words.

I touched your cunt through your underwear… they were wet. I took them down and I started licking it

as slow and passionate as I felt when you did it. I licked it hard and slowly, sucking in, putting my tongue

in it until you had orgasm and still won’t stop…


You pushed me back and started sucking it again, to make it wet, letting your saliva flow on it, while you

were rubbing it, then you put in into you and started humping. You were squeezing your breasts with

your hands and I imagined the pleasant feeling that those gloves offered to your soft skin and breasts.

You got up and sit with your bottom up asking me to fuck you perversely… you were talking dirty, asking

me if I like to fuck you… repeating through moans “Fuck me! Fuck me!” And I was answering just

pushing harder, trying to get even deeper, while I was pulling your hair, pulling your head back.

Those gloves on your parted buttocks, asking me to get into you, to take advantage of you in the kinkiest

way possible, do you “mine”. All those images were driving me crazy, running with a supper speed in my

mind. I pulled back and stared to throw out from me the sperm, which was flowing like a volcano on

your ass, while you kept your buttocks parted, moaning, like you were feeling my pleasure.

I don’t even finish enjoying this intense orgasm that my phone rings and gets me up. I answer and I hear

your voice, letting me know that you are coming home and you miss me and you can wait to kiss me…

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