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First date with a London Escort


I rang the bell…

I’m nervous, I started counting the seconds till she opened the door: 1…2…3…4…5!

The door opens and she appears naked in front of me, like I said I would want. I was blocked!

“Stop staring at me and get in faster, I don’t want any neighbor to see me like that” she said smiling and

on a demanding tone at the same time.

I got in and I followed her into her room. She told me to get naked and make myself comfortable while

she goes to “perfume” herself. After two minutes she came back sitting comfortable on a chair.

“Tell me, honey, you said that you look women who don’t have inhibitions and prejudices” she told me

while rubbing her pussy.

“Yes” I answered shortly, bending over her and kissing her, grabbing a little rough her neck. She grabbed

my dick rubbing it, while masturbating herself with the other hand. He played with our tongues, sucking

each other…

“I think you could suck it in an incredible way!”

She smiled and she took into her mouth! She sucks it, she licks it, she kissed it, and she played with it not

even her knowing what to do first! I felt that I was coming so I took it out and I kissed her. She smiled,

she got up, putting one leg one the chair making me a sign that I should sit in my knees. Of course I did

what she told me and I started licking her. How much I’ve waited for this moment!

While I was licking her clitoris and labials she was holding my head with both hands, pushing me harder

and deeper. I sucked her labials, played with them, bite them. She pushed my head harder and harder

rubbing her pussy on my face…

“Let’s see if you can do the same thing in my ass!” She told me and kissed me.

I started licking her anus, while caressing it easily with my finger. I spit on it and I put my tongue deeper.

She started moaning and I felt how she was masturbating herself faster.

“That’s enough! Fuck me now!”

I started fucking her in her ass and she kept on masturbating herself, but this time easier. I fucked her

faster, deeper, harder… I felt like I’m coming again so I turned her over and we kissed playing with our

tongues again.

We got up, she took my hand and put me on the bed.

“I want dick! Fuck me!” She said on a demanding tone again…

I laid her on her back and I fucked her while she got a leg up and put me to kiss it. I kissed her soft legs

and I sucked her toes… I bend over her and I kissed her breasts slapping them easily. She grabbed my

head and spit me, and then she licked it. I spit her back and then we started kissing like crazy, play with

our tongues and spit each other!

“I want to fuck you from the back!” I said and I sat on one side on the bed, she put one leg up and forced

my dick into her ass. We fucked like this until I felt like I was coming. We got up and I hit her with my

dick over mouth and she started sucking it. I came into her mouth. She smiled and swallowed


I kissed her roughly and then we laid on the bed cuddling until we fell asleep.

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