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He never knew I was a London escort

I laughed really well inside me, I was so happy because of the adventure that I just had, but I felt like I needed to go forward.

I wanted to see him in front of me, and he confessed me that he wanted the

same thing. My only problem was that, Andrew, who was sleeping next to me, shouldn’t find out a

thing. Living in a house, how could I see Josh just for a few minutes in front of the yard, the man with

whom I just masturbated a few minutes ago? I left him my address and he told me that he will arrive in a

few minutes. It was 1 o’clock in the morning, and I was really afraid not to wake up Andrew. Because

was very hot outside, I put on me only a bath robe, and I went out to wait for Josh.

I saw him stopping the car a couple of miles away and coming to me slowly. I was so nervous that my

legs were shaking and a wave of heat was going towards my breasts. I was so excited to see him, even if

the risk of getting caught was high. Without saying a word we started kissing. He was as excited as I was,

and I felt his hand going under my rub to my labias. I bent over him and I whispered:

-I want you to fuck me!

I took his hand and I took him into the backyard, away from the bedroom where Andrew was sleeping. I

threw away my bath robe and I got on my knees, naked, in front of him. My hands were shaking while I

was unzipping his pants and I calmed down only when I saw his dick in front of my eyes. I started sucking

it and I realized that it was still tasting like sperm. Josh took my head and established the rhythm while

my lips were caressing his dick. It was so thick, so hard, and he was putting it down my throat. I was

terribly wet; my vagina was contracting rhythmically, asking to be penetrated.

He pulled my hair and stood me up, he put his hands on my hips and he turned me with my back on to

him. He penetrated my deep from the first time, pushing his thick dick into my vagina. I was shaking of

pleasure; I felt how he was filling me with his dick, going harder and deeper. His moves began to be

violent. I was so horny that I took one hand on the back and I penetrated my ass with two fingers. An

explosion of pleasure invaded my entire body, while I was pushing them harder into my ass. Josh’s

moves became even more violent, I was feeling his dick pulsing from excitation, while pulling my hair. I

ejaculated on his dick, in my back yard, while my boyfriend was sleeping in the house, without knowing

a thing. I was moaning and shaking of pleasure while still feeling his dick enlarging my tight vagina.

-I want you to finish into my mouth!

Josh pulled my hair so hard that I almost screamed of pain. He forced me to stay on my knees in front of

him and he put his erect dick into my mouth, down to my throat. I started sucking it again. I looked into

his eyes and I saw how he was cumming into my mouth. He filled my mouth so much that I was forced to

swallow the first wave so I won’t drown. The second one I kept it on my tongue, playing with him, letting

it flow down on my neck, and downer… I wanted to feel its taste for a long time. I licked his penis until it

was clean.

We kissed “Good bye!” and then I went back to my boyfriend who was sleeping like nothing happened. I

was smiling and thinking at Josh and the orgasm which he just gave to me, at the taste of his sperm and

his look when he ejaculated. It was a memory that I will always keep close!

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