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High heels, a hot shower and the story of a night I had an amazing time as a London escort


It was dark and I was ready to go home from work.

It was a full day in which mostly I was tired because

of the shoes way to high but… on the idea that beauty needs suffer, I chose them in the morning

because they matched my black molded skirt and my white elegant shirt. While I was planning the last

details for the next day I was also making in my head the plan for that night. All I wanted was a bath and

thirty minutes later I was already home.

I threw my shoes and bag even from the door and my jacket somewhere on the hallway and I got in the

bathroom. It was a true blessing to get rid of the tight shirt and the bra which were squeezing my

breasts. And after thirty minutes I was already out from under the hot water which made me euphoric. I

went straight to the bedroom and I opened the window to get some air and I lay on the bed naked, with

my skin red from the really hot water and my messy hair and the rough lingerie under me.

I felt asleep almost immediately and I heard the door opening. But being like I was I didn’t have the

strength to get up and see who it is. I was breathing hard, fighting with myself to get up.

One rough voice that I felt very close to me told me to stay where I was and not to open my eyes, which

I was already doing. Then I felt how one of my breasts was kissed and then the other one… then one

hand was caressing my belly. I was trying to keep myself from showing the pleasure I felt. I heard him

laughing and saying “that’s right my girl”. It was a voice that I couldn’t recognize. Strange caresses and

kisses but which were so pleasant that I couldn’t say no. His kisses were slowly going down to my belly

and then on my waist, and I was more horny than I ever was so I spread my legs waiting and wanting at

the same time to kiss me… to kiss me… to kiss me….

After several minutes in which he hesitated kissing my pussy going so close to it, on my thighs and then I

finally felt him sucking my labials and then my clitoris which made me moan of pleasure. I was… melted

if I can say this… every muscle and every part of my body was trembling in the same rhythm as he was

penetrating me with his finger and licking my clitoris. Barely breathing I asked him to stop. I felt my

orgasm coming and I didn’t want that yet. My hands were in his hair so it wasn’t hard to stop him,

grabbing his hair and pulling him up to kiss him. I was still trembling and he felt that. Barely talking I said

something like “I want to suck it too” and then I felt how he put it on my lips. He had a big hard dick with

a sweet taste. If at the beginning I sucked it easily, only its head, which was growing in my mouth, a few

minutes later, was entirely in my mouth…

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