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How it feels like working in the London escort industry


I’m very proud to say that I work as a London escort and that this thing makes me happy and that I

wake up every day with a bigger wish and pleasure to go to work. I have a very sweet boss and the

nicest co-workers. I go to work, and only then I feel that I’m going home, to my family. We are pretty

close to each other, we tell each other everything and there are no differences between us. We help

each other with everything that we can and we are always there for our friends when they are having a

bad time.


Those who don’t understand what we are doing criticize us and they try with all their powers to

make us feel bad, and I think that this is one of the important thing that brings us closer. I don’t blame

those who do this thing and I don’t mind, because they can’t simply understand. And it’s ok, because I

don’t expect them to do that and I don’t need it. The only thing that they manage to do is to bring us closer and to make us stronger.

Being a London escort is one of the most amazing things a woman can be. London escorts, especially when we are talking about Nyx Escorts, are some of the most excellent women that can ever bring you pleasure and satisfaction

Another major reason that makes me feel wonderful about working in the adult industry is the

fact that I always do something new. I never get bored, I never do the same thing twice. I always get to

know new wonderful people, which can teach me a lot. As the time passes, we discover more and more

different types of people and this thing becomes even more interesting and we always want to find out

Those who understand us, what we are and what we are doing treat us like we are their best

friends. It’s exactly like a date. They call us, we meet, and we try to get to know each other as much as

possible. Then, they call again and we meet again. And this is how we become friends. Even if they are

not showing this, they need us. They need someone new who won’t judge them, who will listen to them

and who will be there anytime they want. A confident, a friend, someone who will laugh with them and

hold their hands, when no one else is there to hold it.

Another good aspect about this job is the freedom. You can do your own program, you don’t

have a boss yelling all day at you and a lot of stressful things to do. Everything is fun, you are always

doing something new, with different types of people at different hours. You find out a lot of new things,

about diverse subject and much diverse stuff about different cultures.

Being an escort in not bad, as everyone says. Is not disrespectful, or depressing or anything else

they say. It always puts us in a good mood and makes us really happy. We get a new big and lovely

family and we get to know new great people every day. So stop saying that is a nightmare because that

is just a big lie!

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