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How to find the best Baker Street London escorts

 Best London Escorts are On Baker Street

  Some of the best escorts from London can be found on Baker street . Situated in the best area of the city , in very close proximity to important avenues , such as Maddame Tussauds museum , Hyde Park and the legendary shopping area of Mayfair’s Oxford street and Bond street . You can see why most of the escorts found in the Baker street area are some of the most fashionable ones in the world.

  All of the escorts I’ve picked up from Baker street have been very skilled and beautiful women . I am coming to London for business , so my wife is always staying at home . I just need a little company from time to time . Don’t get me wrong , I love my wife , but we are talking about a biological urge that we all have to solve in one way or another . I will tel you one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had with an escort that I’ve picked up from Baker street . It was the first time the company booked me a room at the Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes hotel on 108 Baker street . I’ve been to London twice before , but they were only brief visits of a couple of days . This was the first time I was going to spend one full week in London.

  I didn’t have any time for myself the first three days , as I had to make sure the employees of our new store are knowing the attributes of their job well , and that the business operates at full capacity . From the fourth day on , all the changes that the company requested have been implemented and everybody was pleased . I received my bonus and ended my work in London . I still had 3 days of relaxation ahead . After I went to Bond street for some shopping , I began to really feel turned on . It was probably because of the very high number of hot , gorgeus women walking around the area with the best and the sexiest shops in the world . I really wanted to find a release for my built up tension and I really didn’t know what to do . As I was walking back to the hotel , someone gave me a flyer . It was advertising for an exclusive escort agency . I said ‘Fuck it , let’s give it a shot ‘ . It looked official to me , as I usually don’t trust regular street escorts . So I called the agency and telled the woman on the phone that I would like a blonde escort , she asked me the area , and after I said Baker street she asked me if I’m at a hotel or I live there . I told her the hotel and the room number .

  She also asked me at what time it would be ok for my escort to arrive and I said it would be excellent if she could come right now . She was at the door of my hotel room literally faster than roomservice.

  I think she knocked within 15 minutes after I hung up the phone . When I saw her , I remembered all the women I have encountered all day and I was really amazed by the fact that she looked better than most of them . She looked like a pornstar . Because of the designer clothes she was wearing I was going to say model , but she wasn’t just your average skinny modelling chick . She had voluptuous breasts , a very sweet face that immediately turned me on , beautiful blonde hair and an ass that I would bite everyday .

  I started undressing her from the moment I closed the door , impatiently boilling inside me and wanting to satisfy my pleasure . She is one of the best escorts I’ve met in London , mainly because of how open minded she acts in bed . I fucked her for two hours in every way I wanted . She really reminded me of the pleasure of sex , satisfying me in ways that my wife doesn’t even want us to talk about . I like doing what I am feeling , especially during sex , and I sure did with this Baker street escort . From the amazing head she gave me , that turned into me holding her hair and deepthroating her , to smashing her pussy , and then anally fucking her until the moment I came . We were both exhausted afterwards , but I still found the energy to fuck her one more time . Before I left London , we met everyday . She was so good I didn’t even have to look for another girl while I was there . We meet everytime I am in London.

   She became my escape.


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