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I am a London escort and I love being fucked

I was alone in a bar one night, drowning my frustration of an unsuccessful sex night, in a glass of wine.

Upset, I was thinking about who I should call to fix me.

While I was squeezing my brains, a group of six boys got into the bar, tall, handsome and with muscles,

and they sit on the table next to me.

Meanwhile I called my “friend” who is always available, telling him that I need a big dick. Unfortunately

he tells me that he is out of town. Disappointed, I hang up my phone and I’m getting ready to go.

When I got up to leave, one of the guys tells me:

- Sweetie, if you want a dick, you have here six who want to fuck you.

Only when I heard him I felt like I was getting wet, only thinking about sex.

-Ok! I said. If you want, come with me.

They agreed, somehow amazed that I was ok with it. They got up, paid and we went home.

When we got home, I offered them something to drink and I asked them to make themselves

comfortable while I will take a shower.

I got into the bathroom and I took a quick shower, inpatient to begin. When I came back, I found them

naked, with their dicks semi-erect, starring on my big lips, big breasts which were going out of the bra,

on my cunt which was covered by a small bikini and on my long legs.

Practically starving I threw myself on the nearest dick and I started sucking and playing with his balls,

liking them, taking them in my mouth, licking his dick, seeing it entirely in mouth, playing with its head,

sucking it hard, while I had two other dicks in each hand. And I sucked them all like this, while my

breasts were squeezed, caressed, licked, my nipples sucked, bitten, licked, my cunt licked really good,

my clitoris gone crazy, squeezed, bitten, extremely horny. I was fucked with each tongue, and my pussy

asked to be fucked like I asked them.

Listening to me, they got in my pussy and ass… and they started fucking me slowly. After a while they

speed up the rhythm and started fucking me harder, strongly, wildly, while I was sucking.

I love sucking dicks, I love playing with them, put their balls into my mouth, put the entire dick into my

mouth and after bite it easily. Mmm… and there I had so many dicks who wanted to be sucked. And how

much I love to be fucked, to have my ass and cunt broken up, to feel a dick in me, feel it hard, feel how

my ass is dilating, how my cunt and my ass are full. I felt like I was going crazy of pleasure and I had an

orgasm. I was screaming of pleasure and I asked them to cum into my mouth, pussy and ass. I felt how

every part of my body was filling up.

I was fucked in every position and in each and every hole, spanked, hit, kissed, caressed, licked, spoiled,

cursed, spat, full of sperm and very satisfied.

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