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I have a London escort as my best friend

 London escorts have never been as good as Nyx Escorts, I am so glad to be friends with the most amazing one. 

He was watching her moving slowly around the room. He was watching her for a long time. A tall girl,

blonde, green eyes and big boobs… her legs were driving him crazy, especially what was hiding between

them. But they were just friends. He had a girlfriend, which he really loved, planning to ask her to marry

him. She had a boyfriend. But still, there was something in the air when she walked into the room.

Maybe it was her perfume or his weakness for green eyes.

Now he was watching her in his living room. She came to him. He didn’t call her and he was trying not

feel guilty in front of his girlfriend. At one moment their eyes crossed and he got lost in her eyes. Her

hair touched his face and his penis reacted immediately. They kissed slowly and sensual. He felt her full

breasts touching his chest; he started squeezing her nipples until it started to hurt. She moaned slowly,

and grabbed his dick with one hand. He pushed himself to her, and their hips met. He felt the heat

between her legs, and wanted to push himself there and never get out.

She felt her cunt wet and full of hidden wishes. She wanted him in her. She wanted him since she met

him. She was wet from the first date. And she was so close to the penis that she dreamed to suck. She

wanted him in that moment and she didn’t know what to do to hurry thing up. He tore up her dress and

he looked at her. She was exactly like he dreamed, like he imagined that the women beside him would

look like.

He got into his knees in front of her and her blonde hair between her white legs was touching his face.

She pulled his head and brought him closer to her wet pussy. He was caressing with his tongue her

labials, which he dreamed about for a long time now. He got up, and now was her turn to be the master.

He took out his penis and she admired it for a few moments, without breathing. It was big, beautiful and

curved, like she only had seen in the movies. She kissed him it slowly, and his moaning excited her even

more and it seemed like it forced her to grab the whole penis with her lips. She sucked and pulled with

her teeth, licking his balls, which were banging in front of her. He lay down on the bed and grabbed her

over him in a 69 that he never dreamed about and never felt so excited. He licked her clitoris, her anus,

he wanted to bite, to tear, and he felt an animal wish. On the other side she was sucking without

thinking about what was real and what wasn’t. It was only her and that big dick which was pulsing in her

mouth. She feels it deeper and deeper, while the pain was mixing with the pleasure. Orgasm after

orgasm, breathe after breathe. They tried to make those moments longer, but they couldn’t… they both

had orgasm. Now they were sitting in each other’s arms, naked and wet. They kissed with a passion that

they never felt next to their partners. She wanted to get up and go to the bathroom but he stopped her

and opened her labials, a warm squirt came between her legs, going on his chest and face. She looked

amazed at him and how he was smiling between the warm drops. She had a new orgasm and almost

couldn’t handle it.

They looked at each other… They both knew that they were living their own fantasies that no one

would’ve dared to satisfy. They loved each other and this is what made their wish stronger.

The morning was as lazy as his penis, which she took between her big lips…

The sun rise horizontally, and he kissed that redness…  sunrise came from her vulva…


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