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In the Club as a high class London escort

The girls went the bathroom to prepare themselves a little before we left to the


and I went to the exit of the club...when my pack of cigarettes fell from my

hand. I bent down to pick it up when behind me appeared ''the guy". My pussy was in

his he saw it. He asked me if he could help me with something...I told him

''no, thanks'' and I went towards the exit. He cached my hand and asked me if I don't

want to drink something with him...I said "Yes" and we sat on a table where was a

bottle of wine.

We talked for about 10 minutes, until the girls came from the bathroom. He told them

to go home quietly because I was going to stay with him and he will take me home.

The girls left, and the club stuff left too and there we were, just me and him alone.

During the discussion, suddenly I felt his cold hand over my pussy. I winced, I felt

pleasure...but I preferred to ask him to take off his hand. He didn't wanted , he said he

saw me often in the club...and tonight when he saw my pussy he seemed to go

crazy...he told me that he would like to fuck me. I was already excited too and I let

him to caress my pussy with his cold hand and while we were kissing and I unbuttoned

his jeans. I rised up and i started to undress myself slightly, while he was taking of his

jeans...his boxer and his shirt. We were both naked...he came closer to me, he started

kissing my breasts, and he went down to my pussy. When he was down I winced of

pleasure and I was moaning in the rhythm he was licking me in. Shortly I had a strong



I raised up a little and I was very dizzy. I slammed him on a chair and I was starting to

suck his dick with an indescribable lust. He was moaning of pleasure. I was licking

its red head...then I went down to his balls and I licked them with the same

indescribable lust that I licked and sucked his dick. When I felt that the orgasm was

coming, I pulled of the dick from my mouth and he ejaculated on my breasts. Then, he

asked me why I didn't let him to ejaculate in my mouth, and I told him I don't like and

then he didn't say anything anymore. He penetrated me about 30 minutes in all

possible positions. We did a great 69 , and orgasms over orgasms. At 8: 30 a.m. he

took me home where we did it one more time.


Now, we're still seeing each other...and all the time we're starting the pack

of cigarettes falls, I bent down to pick it...and he's pulling me to him and he's starting

to lick my pussy.

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