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In the forest with London escorts

I like the way you squeeze my buttocks while you're licking my pussy. I like the way

you're drooling on it and you're rubbing it with your hand. Ohh, stop overdriving me

so much...I want to finish in your mouth. Come on, sit on your back and let me put my

pussy over your face, and fill it with my sweet and my sticky juice. I want to rub my

pussy on your lips. It's so good that I'm moaning of pleasure. I feel your breathe deep

in my pussy, I feel that I'm going to scream and I'm not restraining myself. Here,

nobody can hear me, except...

Probably I left myself carried away and my moaning of pleasure, is amplified by the

forest echo, came to Paul, the forester, ears. And he was very surprised when he saw

both of us naked. You could read on his face the surprise he had when he saw me with

my pussy over your mouth. You didn't see him yet, that's why you squeeze so hard my

buttocks. I make him a sign to come closer. I'm rising up slowly from your mouth and

I asked him if I did something wrong.

- You didn't do anything wrong, you beautiful! But what are you doing I saw only in

the movies. I always wanted to lick a woman pussy, but not really in this forest. And

the women from the village aren't so open minded like you. Young man, would you

mind if I give a try?

- If I mind? Not at all...but you need to know that she like very much to be licked and

if you're not going to please her you might have problems.

- Surprised by how easily gave up my boyfriend, which I knew him possessive, I'm

trying to say no, but the kinky side of me claimed the contrary.

My baby is lying after a long kiss and says: '' I always wanted to see how other man is

licking your pussy and your ass. Made me a big pleasure". Ohh, I was immediately

excited by though according to which I was going to use Paul, to make him licking my

pussy after I was fucked...And look what happened...

Paul was lying on the blanket waiting me to put my pussy over his mouth. I'm sitting

on my knees, I lean slightly until I felt how his tongue touches my labia. He tasted me,

he smacked with lust, and asked me to let myself downer. ''You are going to fuck me

with your tongue in the way I want". He takes off his tongue and I let myself deep in

it, he starts to lick my labia and to suck my clitoris...Ohhh, I want more, I let him to

lick my buttocks, then I expand them and I let him to lick between these too, to stick

his tongue deep in my ass, Ohh, I can't resist anymore, I want to feel a dick into my

pussy, how it penetrates me well.

I rose up and I went to my boyfriend. I leaned against a tree in a goat position and I

asked him to fuck me hard and make me finish and to fill me with his sperm.

He was already horny and while he whispered me that he liked what he saw, I asked

Paul to come close behind us. Almost naked, I felt his hard dick on my lips. I sucked

him well, with circular and deep moves, close up to orgasm. '' Now, you are going to

lick my ass while I fuck with baby and you'll rub your dick. I want to let your sperm

over my buttocks. '' I laid baby on the blanket, I put my legs around him, and I left

myself on his dick. I jumped like a crazy woman; I wanted him deeply and hard. I rose

up and I asked Paul to lick my ass. That excited me the most, so much that I asked him

to fuck my ass.

I was fucked like crazy by two men with their hard cocks, who penetrated me in my

pussy and in my ass. We continued until I had an overwhelming orgasm, full of sperm.

It was amazing.

I fell asleep; I woke up behind baby, in the cottage, in a coffee steam and a sunrise

light. "Good morning, you little crazy!” ''Good morning, but how did we get here?” I

don't remember, as I probably don't remember what other crazy things I did that day.

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