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My time with a Japanese escort in London

 My time with a Japanese escort in London

The beautiful city of London has offered me great times from ever since I moved here. It has never disappointed me whenever I asked for something for it. Even if it was something small like a true English pub where I could drink a pint and eat some shepherd’s pie while speaking with interesting people from all over Britain, to the times I was looking for a great sports club where I can play some rugby, London always gave me the true British experience.

But being born and raised in England, although I love our culture and our tradition, I have been always attracted to the wisdom, history and art of the Japanese society. I love how important every little detail is to them, I love the level of attention and concentration they have even when they are doing simple tasks like brewing tea, there’s that special little something that only Japanese people have. I have always dreamed of visiting Japan someday, especially Kyoto, its beautiful cultural capital and to have a taste of its wonders. My fantasy was to be served some tea and sushi the old traditional way and to be witness to the beautiful ceremony that this process implies. Unfortunately money and time were not my friends then so my dream seemed nearly impossible.

However, one day I was in luck, I found out about this beautiful place where dreams can come true Nyx Escorts in London. At first I did not know how an escort service could help me with my wish to have a Japanese experience, but then I saw a beautiful girl that they had there. She was all I dreamt of having, a petite Nippon model that was so gorgeous I was stunned for a few seconds. I wanted her, I wanted to kiss her sensual lips right then and there, but I managed to contain my excitement and schedule an appointment with her for the next day at my apartment. I cannot describe in words how beautiful she was. She looked like the manifestation of all my fantasies and dreams. Nothing could compare with the way she moved, she talked and not to mention her perfume...she smelled like angels ought to smell.

After she came in she told me to make myself comfortable, I did not know what was supposed to happen when she went to the kitchen for a few minutes carrying her handbag. I was starting to wonder what I should do, how I should act and treat her, but when she came back I was in complete awe. She was wearing a beautifully decorated kimono and she was carrying a tray with traditional Japanese tea cups and a tea pot that filled the air with a smell so amazing that was actually complementing her perfume. This gorgeous little Japanese model recreated her home country in my living room. I was living my dream in the company of an authentic Nippon woman that knew her way around a tea pot and a sushi knife.

The experience was the best thing I’ve ever had. I had the taste of Japan in the middle of London, Nyx Escorts had proven its reputation, it made my dream come true, it provided me with a personalised experience and that amazing Japanese escort did not fail to turn all my fantasies into reality. They truly are the best escort directory in London. 


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