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I wasn’t sleeping, I just kept my eyes closed, because I felt how you turning back to

me searching for my lips for a sweet kiss, you uncovered me slowly caressing me.

It was so pleasant, you kissed me again, you seemed to be scared to not wake me up,

while your hand slips on my pink shirt from the neck, to my breasts, to my tummy, to

my pussy, to my knees...I didn't wear lingerie and maybe that made you to rise my

shirt, leaving my breasts naked, which you caressed, squeezing them slowly with your

hand. I felt how you embrace them with your hand and how you kissed them after you

gave them away...I felt how your hand touched my naked body, descending slightly

from the neck, to my breasts, to my tummy, to my legs, and then going in the same

way to my pussy. You passed fast your hand over my pussy and I muttered "mmm".

You looked at me scared and you calmed down when you saw that I didn’t woke up.

You continued. You expanded my legs a little, to have enough place, you kissed me so

slow, and you sat close to my pussy. You wanted to see all of it, right? Your hand

continued to caress it now, moistening it slowly. I wish I could open my eyes and see

you how you follow your own moves, but I couldn't...Patiently and with slight moves,

you kept the same sensual rhythm which drove me crazy. I felt like I was

melting...while my pussy gave away to your caress...It felt so good...I wished you to

continue and I didn't know how to tell you. I knew that if I was going to wake up, I

could ruin everything...Slowly, without noticing your finger slipped in, giving me hot

pleasure waves. You didn't want to lose anything, you wanted to caress and to spoil

every area of my pussy...mmm, and I muttered slowly while your finger slips deeper

and faster inside of were making me feel so good.

You were moving so slow and soft that seemed like a dream. A thing claimed your

presence, my pussy which it was wet, ohh, I wished so much to wake up, and to ask

you to continue and to feel my juice’s taste...I don't know why, maybe your rhythm

drives me crazy, your moves, your touches...I wanted to move myself, I wanted to talk

with you, I wanted you to know how good you made me feel. I wanted you to stick

your lips on my pussy, to feel your slowly breathe on its soft skin, while your finger

caress it slowly, getting in and getting out fast and were driving me crazy...I

couldn't resist and I started to have the same moves as you, I wanted you to rush, to

finish, or to stop tormenting me so much, I knew I couldn't resist anymore and I was

going to tell you that I want to sleep, although I wanted to never end those moments.

You were careful, you wanted to see everything, my pussy shows you all its secrets, it

wasn't a mystery for you anymore...I asked you if you like it and only then you

realized that I was awake. You've looked up, you searched for my lips, you kissed me

slowly, and whispered me that you like it and you want me to let you to spoil me.

Without any words, you continued to kiss slowly my neck, my breasts, my tummy.

You've took place between my legs and you've got your lips closer to my pussy,

you've bitten it easily , stealing all its juice in your mouth. "mmm..I want it too..." I

muttered and I raised up to you. I took you in my arms, I kissed you, tasting my

juice..."mmm, how sweet you are, I want more".


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