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London escorts are something more than nice

I have a boyfriend and our sexual life is excellent, we complete each other very well and

we feel very good together extremely  often. But I still love working as a London escort, because I am working with the absolute best London escort agency.

Nevertheless there is something that I like more than sexual act itself...I mean more

than the moment when he penetrates me. I discovered that gradually and I admit that is

my favorite drug.

In an afternoon I wanted to see how good can we feel together without having sex, as

everyday happens.

I was dressed in a transparent shirt so my breasts could be seen, and in some extremely

short pants which highlighted my ass. We decided to watch a movie, boring stuff for

him as usual. I felt him horny, how he searched my breasts to uncover them sometimes

with his hand, sometimes with his mouth. I let him slowly while I was licking his ear.

He started to lick my breasts like crazy, to suck my nipples, to play with them;

sometimes he was biting them a little. I felt his dick becoming harder; I could see it

through his pants. I started to caress it slowly with my hand, and I realized by the way

he was licking my breasts and the way he was touching my pussy that it was going to

be hard for both us to abstain from sex, so I told him ''today I want to measure out

limits". He agreed and he asked me how much I like the way he was touching my

pussy only with his hand. I started to change my voice and to want his big and thick

dick more and more. I put my legs around him and while he was kissing my breasts I

started to move above him. First slowly, I felt it and I closed my eyes of so much

pleasure. Then I started to feel it harder and he was rubbing me pussy with his dick. I

was so wet, I pulled myself up and down of his dick, keeping the eyes closed and both

of us were moaning of pleasure. I felt every rib of his dick and I had hen skin of so

much pleasure. I started to scream when I felt how some tingling was climbing from

my pussy to my whole body. I liked it so much that I couldn't control myself. He was

moaning and he was whispering to me how good I am.

- Baby, would you let me rub my pussy of your dick a little more? I like that so much

that I can't control myself.

- I let you how much you want baby! Good, rub yourself hard on my dick, you're

driving me crazy.

I was screaming how much I could and... I had an orgasm. I finished and he asked me

to let him to fuck me between my breasts.

His dick was harder, thicker, more powerful and it was moving so good between my

breasts. When I felt that he was going to finish  I put myself on my knees, I closed

my eyes and I felt how his hot sperm hit my face, my eyes, my eyes lashes, I was

sitting with my mouth open and I was swallowing all...I has very happy, his dick made

me happy.

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