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Cold steel, hot body, London escorts

Are you looking for the most amazing London escorts that you can ever find? 

The steel from the car is cold… I’m hot because of the passionate kisses that you give me… You are hot because you want me so much…

I can hear birds singing, fallen leaves making noises, cars passing with high speed… I can feel the

cold wind passing through my messy hair, made messy by your hands and your crazy kisses.

You taste every part of my body, with a crazy appetite, inpatient, like you want to have me

faster, again and again… Your little tongue rushes over my lips, over my neck, over my breasts, my

nipples and my trembling belly, excited because of the pleasure and it stops for a while in my wet,

warm, soft and super horny pussy.

I abandon myself under the pleasure of your kisses on the cold car which seemed to heat with

every moan of mine. The cold steel seems to become hot, burning me, melting me…

It excites me so much, this weird combination of cold and hot iron at the same time, on privacy

in the sight of the entire world, of painful pleasure… No one can see us, but I feel like everybody is

watching us… Over us is only the sky and around us is only nature… But it seems that nothing exists

anymore… There is only US, and it seems that is not even us anymore, but only ONE…

I feel how your hard dick hits my pussy which is ready to explode… I feel how you get in and out

of me… in and out… in and out… You know you’re driving me crazy when you’re doing that…

I feel my cheeks burning; I feel how my skin trembles when you’re touching it, how my pussy

pulses and molds perfectly on your erect dick, how warm and cold waves are passing through my body…

your look is burning me, your hands are squeezing me hardly, pulling me roughly into you, faster and


Between moans and fast breath I told you how much I love it and that I want you to fuck me

harder, deeper and faster… like we are crazy! “I’m gonna fuck you babe, until you won’t know who you


Your words are breaking me in two, and they are making even crazier…

Your strong arms are turning me backwards, with my breasts stick on the cold iron… you get

inside me roughly, painfully and deeper

I took a short moaning of pleasure… you grabbed me hair and

you turned me and kissed me… it’s a crazy, amazing kiss, kinky, rushed… is more than a kiss… two hot tongues

becoming one, searching and finding each other in a craziness which gives us unique sensations,

extremely pleasant…

Your hands stuck on my ass are pulling me faster and faster towards you… I stuck my nails into

the hard steel of the car and I showed you a smile full of pleasure…

We are both tired because of  pleasure and we feel that… ohh yeeess… birds singing, leaves

rustling leaves, cars passing with speed…

Over us, only the sky…


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