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London escorts will help you never get bored again

I’m bored. It is amazing how a London escort can make you get rid of boredom.

Actually is not boredom, I’m just surrounded by so many things that I choose to ignore. It’s an ugly day

again, it’s raining, but that’s a daily thing, right?

I’m thinking about you and I’m listening to an aggressive Marilyn Manson and I want to touch myself. I

touch myself, and my hand goes down slowly all over my body. I imagine that it’s you babe.

“I don’t care if you don’t want me… Because I’m yours, yours, yours, yours anyhow…”

My hands slip from my neck to my breasts, with my fingers gently caressing my hard nipples. I got them

between my fingers like you got them between your soft lips and a squeeze them slowly. They answer to

me, but even they know that is not the touch that I want, that they want.

My right hand continues her way, spoiling my belly, and then my palm grabs my warm pussy. I spread

my legs and I imagine how you blow gently, and after with the tip of your tongue you separate my

slippery lips and you touch my excited clitoris.

My body bends and I move my hips in the rhythm that you want… in my mind…

I feel a hand on my breasts…

“Babe what are you doing?”

“I was waiting for you…”

You smiled and you bite your lips…“I’m here now”

And your mouth covered mine with a big wish. He kissed my lips caressed my clitoris and I felt how you

got in me, how you played with me…

I pulled your hair, I got you up and I kissed your soft lips. Then I pushed you back. You were confused.

You were standing on the bed in your knees, looking confused at me.

I got up and I sat in front of you like a little kitty. My hand caressed your belly and then I got down to

your hard dick. I got it into my hand and I kissed it slowly. My mouth grabbed it and I pressed it slowly. I

took it into my mouth slowly, so I could feel every emotion that you feel. You pulled my hair and you

lean your head back.

“That’s right babe! Don’t stop!”

I sucked it hard. You’re all wet. I felt your sweet taste. You were moaning easily.

You pulled my hair, got me up and kissed me, licking my lips and saying: “Let’s do it!”

I already know. I sat in doggy style and I spread my legs. My labials are red and wet, you licked them

easily and then I felt how your dick hit my clitoris. I felt your hands grabbing my hips and how you got in

me, strongly.

“Yeah babe, I love to feel you hot, how you make me wet…” you whispered to me while going in me

faster. You were moving faster and faster, you want to come and feel me up… I heard you moaning. Did

I tell you how much I love to hear you when you finish?

We remained like that for a few seconds, wet, with our bodies shaking…

You got out of me and grabbed me into your arms. “Babe when did you start listening to Marilyn


I laughed. I always seem beautiful to you when I laugh. Especially after you fuck me so good.

Nyx Escorts is everything I need in London to feel amazingly good and blessed.

Nyx Escorts is the most amazing thing that can happen to you in London. 

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