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Matures are the best in bed

For a young lad like myself there is nothing better than to spend some time learning how to pleasure the opposite sex from a woman that is really experienced in these kind of arts. This is how I decided to work with Nyx Escorts, a great directory in London that had a very beautiful mature escorts available for an overnight experience.

I booked her and when I first met her I knew that I made the right decision. Not only did Nyx Escorts took into account all that I told them about what brought pleasure to my life, but they also made sure that she was tailored according to my preferences and to what excited me. She was all that I had ever desired, brunette, mature and open minded, this great London escort was here to light up my night. She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen in my life. Elegant, classy, eager to please me in every way that I desired and to teach me about what I should do to get better and better at sex, this mature escort was here to take me to Paradise.

And she did, every moment spent in her company was filled with nothing less than pure pleasure and pure satisfaction. She was very experienced in everything she did, her touch was like out of this world, her striptease show was really arousing. I could feel my blood rush through my veins every time she moved and I just could not have the patience to wait any longer to be with her in a very intimate way.

This mature escort was all I needed to learn about all the ways I could bring pleasure to a woman. She was very patient with me, she did not rush things and she taught me a lot, but this was not all, she wanted to please me and to turn my fantasies into reality with her wondrous skills. She wanted to make me have the best moments of my life in her presence and I did. She really took care of all my desires and there was nothing that she would not do for me and for my complete and utter satisfaction. She gave me the best sexual experience I had ever had in my life and she taught me so much that I will be forever grateful to her and to Nyx Escorts.

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