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Most amazing summer night as a London escort

I like summer, soft season of hot love.

I like summer, starting 5 years ago, when, in one summer night I met him!

I remember that the sky was dark and I was rushing to catch the last bus. Since then I

love buses too. I was in a hurry to the bus station. The heat of the day sticked my dress

on my skin and the cool evening shriveled my skin so my nipples, it was so exciting. I

passed by him, I looked and smiled at him...even today I don't know why. I liked his

big brown eyes, the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. He looked and smiled at me

too, he started to go in the same direction as me, behind me. I felt that I was followed,

and that made me get warm inside, I was tempted to look back but I refrained, I

wished he wouldn’t stop following me.

He didn't stop, I saw him in the bus station coming towards me...He gave me his hand

and he help me to get on the bus, and then asked me where will I arrive. I answered

dizzy. He emanated a smell of perfume, cigars,sweet and bitter at the same time...he

hypnotized me with his big eyes, with his smile which i felt like i knew forever..I

started shiver a little, he put his hand under my shoulders, and warmed me...I was

already relaxed when I got home.

Everithing came so naturally , he brought me to the front door, raised my chin, he

looked my eyes and while he touched my lips with his finger asked me: "Do you want

me to stay? I will stay only if you want too.."

I coudn't talk anymore, I felt a lump in my throat, my stomach tingling, I was boiling

inside. I wispered ''yes'', i was close to kiss him, he stoped me and asked me again:

''Are you sure?''. I answered with a long kiss, standing stuck to his body I started to

shiver again, the only thought I had in that moment was an ''YES!'' scream in my head,

''YES, I WANT!!!".

We arrived home kissing each other, he began to undress me slowly, slowly it seemed

like he didnt make any effort', he kissed my face, my neck , he played with me, got me

horny, when he finnished I was standing naked in front of him, blushing, panting,

trembling, and he didn't even undressed his shirt yet.

He turned me with my back to him, he took my breasts in his hands, he got inside me ,

I felt him very hard, he kissed my neck, my back, he touched me down, he played with

me, he tortured me, I had come to beg him "please, penetrate me, please...!"

He turned me with my face to him, he raised me up, he put me on the wall, and, ...he

finally penetrated me hard, he stoped for few seconds and then he started to penetrate

me again sotfly...He made love to me, I sighed, I cried,I moaned, I felt like I was

shaked by every orgasm, ..and I wanted more, and more...ah...don't stop!

When he finnished with me, I was like a purring cat ..and then I asked him:''why?why

me? When will I see him once again? 


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