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My fantasy as a London escort with you

 In one hot summer night I arrived home after an exhausting day at work as a London escort, I took a

shower, i got dressed in a light dress and we went out to a pub.

At the next table I saw John with his friends (we knew each other few years ago , we understood each other

very well, but lately something changed between us, something about secret holding

hands), I smiled at him, he got up and he came to our table. He sat behind me and we

started talking...All this time he kept touching my knee, the inner thigh, and he was

going up. He introduced his finger in my pussy, I couldn't hear him anymore, I was

only feeling his finger going deep into my vagina, going out and then pressing my

clitoris, my excited nipples would like only to feel his kisses, I touched his hard

penis and I only imagined what if I kissed him, and then he introduced two fingers...he

whispered in my ear that he lives near and he asked me if I wanted to take a walk with

him...we went to his apartment, I'm all wet, under my dress can be seen my excited

nipples, he’s smiling at me. We arrived at his home and he closed the door behind us.

He started kissing me passionately while he unbuttoned my dress, he let it slip of my

shoulders, he kept touching my breasts, he was licking my neck, then my breasts,

biting my nipples. I was sitting down on my knees in front of him, I opened his belt,

and I saw it. I started kissing his hot and hard dick, licking it up and down, then after

few seconds I took in my mouth every area of it...I heard him moaning, and trembling,

I continued to suck it, my nose slamming his abdomen, he was pulling my hair, getting

his dick out of my mouth and slapping my face with it and then he put it again in my

hungry mouth. I started to lick it down and downer, towards to his balls, I took them in

my mouth, and I played with them. I got up again towards his dick; I am not getting

enough of sucking it, of licking it. He pulled me up, putting me on the table, he spread

my legs, starting to kiss my inner thigh, and up and upper, he's delaying the moment

till his tongue touched my pussy full of desire. I am all open and he started licking my

nectar, introducing in me two fingers while licking my clitoris, biting me, licking me,

it's amazing. He introduced a finger into my anus deeper and deeper, I'm trembling

more and more, I felt the moment getting closer...Ahh...I had an orgasm into his

mouth, he rise me and kissed me to feel my own taste. He put me on the bed and he

penetrates me with his perfect dick, my trembling legs were sitting over his shoulders.

I felt it how it hit my pussy's walls, I didn’t want him to stop, I was screaming louder

and louder, his soft hand covered my mouth. I sucked his long fingers and I had an

orgasm again. I am not aware of anything, I wanted only the sensation he was giving

to me, more and more, I wasn’t getting enough of his dick, his caressing, and his

kisses. He put me in goat position, I heard him moaning, how his breath was faster, he

grabbed my buttocks and he penetrate my anus, he continued to fuck me hard, he was

moaning and screaming, and filled my ass with his sperm, he stayed there for a few

moments and then he got out...He gave me a long kiss and a pleased smile..I imagined

so many times this moment with him and all he made me feel was more than I could

ever imagine.


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