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My first fantasy as a London escort


I would like to invite you to a romantic dinner at a cottage in the mountains.

It’s night and cold outside, and you come dressed in a silk dress with lace, a little transparent and under it you have a lace bra,

stocking and tiny panties. We sit at the table and we eat grilled chicken and drink wine. I’m dressed in an

elegant shirt and pants. While we are eating, we are joking and I’m subtle looking to your cleavage, and

when you saw me doing that you bite your lips.

I got closer to you and I kissed you with passion, then I kissed your back and I bit your ear and then I

went down with my tongue on your neck, on your shoulders, on your back, on every part of your body.

Then I put my head into your cleavage and I took your dress off, letting it to go off slowly on your soft

skin, revealing your breasts. I started caressing them and taste them like they were two tasty orange, I

sucked your nipples and a bit them massaging them with my tongue.

I slowly went down on your belly, going down to your underwear, catching them with my teeth and

taking them down, revealing your wet pussy. I took down your stockings and I kissed your ankles, going

up to your knee, thigh and finally I got between your legs. But still, it doesn’t feel right so I took

everything down from the table and I put you there, I spread your legs and I started licking your pussy.

You laid down on your back and you started moaning like a kitty. Then I got up, I took my clothes out

and you sat in front of me on your knees and started sucking my dick, taking it all in your mouth, licking

it and sucking it entirely, feeling every vain moving because of the pleasure.

You got up and I put you on the table again, and I got inside you easily. I was feeling your breath and you

scratched my back. I repeated this move, only because I knew how much you loved to feel it going in. I

was going faster and faster, you were moaning of pleasure and I was caressing your breasts while I was

fucking you wild. Without saying a thing I turned you over, you were now with your breasts on the table

and I was fucking you from the back. I grabbed your hair, pulling it so I could get deeper inside you. I

suddenly stopped. I took you nicely into my arms and I put you on the carpet in front of the chimney,

and I put a silk scarf around your neck, I spread your legs and I got inside you slowly but hard, holding

the scarf and controlling with it your breathe so it would match my penetrations.

You started screaming of pleasure, moaning louder and screaming at me to fuck you! Then I got a candle

from the table and let the wax leak on your chest and belly. Then you put your fingers in my skin,

screamed and you came. You had an orgasm and I took it out and I came on your breasts.

We remained naked in front of the chimney, hugged. We kissed and we fell asleep like that.

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