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My wife's birthday as a London escort

I am very open minded about my wife being a London escort, because she is working with the best London escort agency

It was April and it was pretty cold outside, good enough to have a party outside, so for my wife’s

birthday we chose a restaurant really beautiful which had some rooms upstairs. The guests were

supposed to arrive somewhere around 7 p.m. and we prepared different surprises. One of them was

that I was supposed to dress like a bunny and do a show. The guests came, the music was singing,

everyone was dancing and it was time for me to go to change. I took my bag with the costume and I

went to change. At the reception where I went to ask where I could change was a really beautiful girl.

She had a short dress and a big cleavage; she was looking so good that my dick got up immediately.

“Well, if you want to go into the back room” and she smiled kinky. “Are you preparing a surprise”, she

asked me? I try to impress. She was standing in the door watching me. “Come on, the party will end”,

seeing that I’m a little lost and nervous. I started to take out my pants and she saw my hard dick. “I see

that you have with what to impress”. I felt like she stubbed me. Being shyer I was just standing there

and looking like a fool at her. “Let me help you”, she said. She got closer and she put her hand directly

on my dick. In that moment I didn’t knew what to do. I couldn’t believe that something like that could

happen to me, with a hot girl like her. My dick was vibrating, ready to explode. But the surprise was

coming… she got up her little skirt and put her hand in her underwear and started to rub her pussy. I

blushed. She asked if it was my birthday and I answered weirdly that it wasn’t. She put her hand in my

pants and took out my dick, looking in my eyes and smiling. She started rubbing and I was almost sure

that I will come, being the horniest man alive in that moment. The surprises kept on going; she got on

her knees and started sucking my dick while masturbating herself. She was moaning like I was fucking

her, not like she did it. I think she was really horny and that she waited a long time for this. She opened

her shirt, with one hand caressing her breasts, one hand on her pussy and with her mouth she was

sucking my dick… We heard the restaurant door and she got up, got dressed and got out. My dick died

when I heard someone asking about me… I put the costume on my and got out without saying a thing.

The dance was disastrous, I was only thinking at her, but I didn’t had the courage to go back.

Somewhere around 11.p.m. the guests started to leave; only our godparents remained. My wife said

that she was going to take them home and then she will come back, we will take our packages and go

home. I got up and went straight to the reception because I know that it will take her at least 20

minutes. My dick was already triple. I didn’t say a word… I got in and I took her into the room where we

were before. I got my dick out and she started to rub it, while I was doing her pussy. She was moaning.

She lay down and started kissing me. Her tongue was as hot as her pussy. She started pushing herself in

my fingers… we were both really horny… I took in my mouth her nipples, making her crazy… she turned

over, put her ass up, took my dick and fixed in her cunt. I was fucking her slowly at the beginning and I

heard her moaning slowly… I started fucking her harder and deeper every time, feeling the heat into my

body. She was screaming to fuck her even harder, because she was coming. We both came at the same

time, feeling the grates pleasure ever. She turned suddenly grabbing my dick with her mouth and

sucking it really hard. She looked at me and then I saw her beautiful blue eyes, and black straight hair. Then I

came again into her mouth, and she didn’t take it out until I finished. After I finished she licked it nice

and easy, until the last drop. After that I put my pants on and I left…


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