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Nyx Escorts is everything you need in your London office

Baby, why are you so tense at the office?

I hate that! Then, you will complain that your back or any other part of your body



Certainly, is a part of your body that never hurts, and I like that part very much.

I'm coming slowly behind you , I give you a massage, I notice that you're arching your

back, a sign that you know what I want now, but actually I don't want to interrupt you,

so you're staying on the chair and I'm sitting on your desk, to be your work. Look, you

like to watch me how I'm standing up and I'm throwing away your documents,

although you realize that you are the one who is going to raise them up from the floor

but you realize that something wonderful is waiting for you too, then you're smiling

and you're waiting.

Don't look at my shoes so insistently because I have shown them to you last week

when I bought them, what the fuck? Yes, I know you like them , I like them too

because that's why I bought them, you like everything at me and I know that but let's

go to other things, at something more interesting and I mean how are flying the clothes

from me. I told you that today I was to shopping but I didn't show you what I bought,

yes these blue panties which are already wet, but what I see here? a marker...hey, I like

this marker...yes I know I just thrown my panties on a closed mind girl computer, but I

promise I'll take them when I'll leave, and please don't interrupt me again

because I'll get angry and I'll go home, ok?

Hmm, how comfortable is this desk, I think I'll buy one for home, because it's pretty

too, what do you think? I told you to shut up...I was telling you about the marker and

you didn't realize that I kept it in my hand, it's so black and I think I'm going to draw

every area of my body, ohh baby I am all black, and I'm so horny.

My right hand is going to that place where you want to come and to kiss it, where is suppose to be your

tongue now are my fingers, don't be jealous baby, it's normal that they know the road

the same as you know it, and to get in and get out slowly one by one, a little, why a

little? because is something else that wants to be deeper inside of me, actually it

doesn't because it doesn't know what it wants, it can't want because it's not a human

being, but I want it and I know that I want it deep inside of me, how much it's

so pleasant, and you like to see me how I cheat on you with me, it's a thing that always

fascinated you and the fact that I have an orgasm laying on your desk makes you

undress yourself and I notice how horny you are too. I didn't trust you if you just told

me but this is sure...hey, baby...don't take away from me the marker...I know ...ohhh,

yes..I're jealous...

I like to feel are so deep, you hold me

strongly in your arms not to loose me, our bodies are so close to each other, they are

sticking to each other and we're moving together in the same time...ohhh..., I know that you missed me and you like to play

together, so much, and I like when you become selfish and you're taking control to

have me only for yourself, only beside you, my selfish...let's go home to do it again.

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