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One night with the best London escorts that I have ever had the chance of meeting

So many times I had the impression that everything is pointless, I love to plan, to live, but it seems that

only inside me. I’m thinking again and again….

I’m curious how pleasant it would be to meet someday a girl, who is dressed business, one mature girl

who wants to share, to be different, to hope and do anything like in fairytales. Does she exist?

I’m very attracted of this idea to ride my car with her and another friend and I would like her to want to

dress me in a short leather dress for her, to do my makeup and she would want me to touch her easily

with a rose in the car, while driving, and our friend who sits in the back would watch us. I would want

her to make me stop and put me lick her toes, ankles, and go up, over her stockings, and she would take

out her dress easily, while her friend would easily caress her breasts through the dress, kissing her on

the neck. I feel how warm and excited she is. She is touched by two girls. I would like her to want me to

go downer, and her friend with tender kisses to undress her easily; I want her to feel wanted while I got

her dress up and caress her ass easily, our friend taking my place, touching with her tongue every

sensitive area. I want her to pray me to stay in front of her, to touch my body, and feel how excited I am

while she is licked by the other girl.


While she is finishing I would be down there with my tongue to continue licking her, while she’s

undressing her friend, to do the same thing. It would be so pleased to retire now and watch them

playing with a dildo and when they would finish, would call me to lick them. This excites me terrible…

Then we would go from there and meet the husband of my friend and we would go, once the night

comes, to a park, on a blanket to chat about this adventure.

The curiosity of the husband to see how this happened would make us to want to do it again, this time

with me and him tied on our hands and legs around a tree, me in a short little dress him, in a suit. We

would watch the two girls getting naked touching and exciting each other and we would just watch and

wait for our reward.

Then, they would both come and ask us if we want to participate, but for this we should touch and kiss

each other in front of them. I want you to put him to touch me everywhere. To stay tied up in front of

me and you would help him to see what’s under my skirt. One would sit over my face and the other one

would help him giving me oral sex. Then you would put me to touch him, to play with him. We would

fuck me, and come all over me, all over my dress and body.

And then, because I did that, you would let us to touch each other, feel every part of our bodies

bending, over his penis. We would feel that warm pleasure in our bodies…

It would be a perfect night in which we would watch girls sleeping in each other’s arms around the fire…

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