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Passion and Ecstasy, Excellence and London escorts

I see him in front of me, he is full of pure sexuality.

My eyes catches his body and my feelings are going crazy.

He tasted my body so many times with his flemish

mouth , but I still trembel when I’m waiting for this moment.

His hands are touching my breasts, making me trembel full of desire, sometimes I detest that power which he has on me.

I’m pushing him on the bed smiling sprightly. He knows that I am a player, so I raised

his hands overhead and I tied them of bed with a silk scarf.

My shirt and skirt seemed to burn my skin but I still wanted to play freely with this

naked and horny man under my view.

I take his pants belt and although I'm not sado I am tented to give him a punishment.

My hits are firm but not painful and he groan softly. I stoped my playfull and sweet

maltreatment looking at his body, his dick is hard and he has an imperceptible

trembling of desire. My hand is searchig for his lips, I’m touching them with a finger

and then I’m going down on neck, chest , he has such a soft skin...My hands are

replaced by my lips and every area of his body enjoys my playfull tongue, excepting

the intimate area which enjoys my warm breath, he begs me to touch his dick but

waiting is more sweet and I'm not going to touch him yet. I stand up over him with my

legs around him and I see that he is flemish , but he is my prisoner, he knows that. I

am so horny that I’m feeling my vaginal muscles contracting.


I’m unbuttoning my semitransparent shirt and I start touching my nipples which hurts

because of the desire.

I’m starting to lick them waching his eyes, one of my hand goes

under my skirt, raising it , letting the red bikini on sight. I put my bikini behind and I

started touching my soft wet pussy with a finger and started masturbating, my lips

trembling with a plesure moan, I feel that the orgasm is close and I put my pussy over

his mouth. His toungue explores my wet pussy taking my thundering orgasm.


He can't wait anymore and I fill up his mouth, I kissed his lips filled of my orgasmic fluid

which is so sweet because of his high desire to possess me. I touch his chest with my

breasts going down to his hard dick. Now I’m touching his dick with my breasts and I

feel him vibrating, but my lips can't wait anymore, they open and take his dick, licking

it, I like so much his taste and I start sucking and licking him with an uncontrollable

passion. I feel he's close to ejaculate and then I stopped, I put my legs around him and

I looked into his eyes, I let my pussy on his dick, I feel how it's getting inside me and I

feel his ecstasy. I start to move frantically on his dick, moaning, I feel how I let

myself in a fantastic orgasm.

I hear him moaning and realising his orgasm into the depths of my pussy.

With my last energy I untie his hands and exhausted I let myself in

his arms.


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