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An indescribable warmth.

Me, laying on the sofa, horny and dressed just in a black

skirt which barely coveres my pussy.

You're coming in the room, you're watching me, you see how I suffer and how I barely

stand the heat.

You're coming near me and you see my fresh shaved pussy. You're touching my leg

and you're going up until you're close to the magic place. Once you're're

moving slightly your finger among my wet labia. I'm burning, you're starting to kiss

my legs slowly, while you're expanding them at maximum to get to my hot pussy.

I feel your breathe between my thighs.

Slightly, with your sweet tongue you're opening my soft labia.

You're so happy that you can play with your tongue on the most erogenous part of my

body .

You're licking slowly my pussy’s edges...You feel how my breathe becomes more and

more heavy, you hear me how I'm moaning of pleasure.

You're starting to lick me very slowly from up to down, to taste me in the true sense of

words. Because of the pleasure caused, I put my hand on your head and I'm starting to

guide you slowly in the way I want you to touch me with your tongue.

You feel my clitoris how is swelling in your sight only when you touch it with your

tongue. You're licking it slowly, you're taking it and you're sucking it, and I have

uncontrolable moves. I'm going crazy under your tongue.

You're starting to penetrate me slowly with your tongue, to touch my inner walls with

your tongue, to spoil my labia with your lips.

You're getting in and out with your tongue in my pussy slowly at the beginning, you're

looking at me and you surprise me smiling. You know why I'm smiling, because of

pleasure that you offering me and because I see you how greedy you are. You spoil my

pussy which excited you once you have seen it and you realised that you must have it,

to kiss it.

I'm laying on the back again and I let you to continue what you have started, I let you

do whatever you want with my pussy, to lick it as you know better.

You're caressing it with soft touches with your tongue from down to up. You're taking

my clitoris in your mouth and you're sucking it with a crazy lust. I'm starting to have

uncontrolable moves and my breathe is increasingly fast.

- Yes, continue, it's so good don't stop for nothing, I whispered to you while you were

licking me from up to down increasingly fast. You're penetrating me with a finger,

then with two fingers, while you're licking my swollen clitoris sensitive at touch. It

seemed that I can't breathe anymore but I don't want you to stop. You're starting to

increase the rhythm more and more. You're taking again in your mouth my clitoris and

you're starting to suck it. I squeeze my legs around your head and I'm breathing very

hard, I'm screaming, I'm moaning , I'm trembling, I'm in the seventh heaven. I'm

happy, you're licking the juice that came out from me and is flowing now to my thighs.

You rose up over me and you kissed have such a good taste, it's so sweet my

orgasm. Thank you!

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