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The London escort expert in oral translations

I was meeting Joanna, in front of a fancy restaurant and we went to my place, together, chatting.

 On the way I found out that she was working in a translations office. We’ve got to my place and we’ve started

kissing with passion, wishing to satisfy our cravings. I was playing with her big and beautiful breasts, and

my dick was already hard.

She started to blow it and then she laid back. I asked her if I can put my dick between her breasts and

then I showed her how and she loved it. She was so horny. My dick kept on growing and it was

becoming even harder, and it gets to her mouth. She licks its head, bits it easily and then she takes it all

in her mouth, grabbing my buttocks. She loved to feel my hard dick in her mouth. In the same time I was

playing with her hands with one hand and with the other I was playing with her clitoris. I put a condom

and I penetrated her hardly. My dick was molding perfectly on her tight pussy, wet and hot. I was

moving slowly and deep in her pussy, growing fast the rhythm. I fucked her more hard and wild and she

was moaning even loader and she started screaming to fuck her, harder. While fucking her I was playing

with her breasts, squeezing them, licking them, biting her nipples. She was scratching my back with her

nails, thing which was making me even hornier, so I’ve changed the position and I fucked her even

harder. We took a break after she had one long orgasm and she took out my condom and she stared

sucking even harder and kinkier. We’ve changed the position again and I fucked her from the back while

playing with her clitoris, for like ten minutes, until we both had orgasm. After we’ve rest a little she got

up and went to the bathroom. I saw her sexy ass and shapes and I got horny again.

When she came back from the bathroom I put her in front of the mirror and I fucked her there again,

wild, from the back, pulling her hair and grabbing her hips. I grabbed her breasts while my dick was

going even deeper inside her. She stopped me, took out my condom and started sucking my dick, me

ejaculating in her mouth. She wanted to swallow everything but I stopped her and I kissed her with


We kissed passionate and I slapped her on her buttocks.

She got dressed, she told me that we will see

each other Sunday night, because she wanted a remake.


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