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The Love of high class London escorts

I love to do hot baths. I love to let the hot water fill the bathtub, and the foam to let

down the water, and me naked watching how is filling. I love to think that you could

be there with me, and you would caress me, and you would want me, and that you

would ask me to suck your dick, or to fuck me in positions which I never imagine that

I would accept them. I love to say that the bathroom is the place where I feel the most

comfortable, because is the place where I am totally alone. It's me and the water and

these are the things that matter. The water receives my cold body and steams seem to

get out of me. I wish that those steams would get out of me because of you too, but I'm

waiting to date you tonight, to see you, to see my love and too feel your touches, and

your tongue, and your dick which wants me so much. All of these are managing to

take off steams from me. I let the water to cover my body slowly, and I remember, I

remember your touch on my leg, your smile on our first date, how subtle I was

caressing you under the table. I remember all of these.

When steams are getting out of my body, I love to put my hands under water, to let

them get wrinkle and to caress myself thinking of you, to touch with my hands my

labials, between them, to let a finger slide into my vagina, I would let my hand touch

me the way your hand touch me itself. I would let my head on my back and the water

starts to wet my hair. My whole body is under water, and more dense steams start to

get out of me. My love, you are the person who I am thinking about when my nipples

harden in the heat of the water, my labia makes everything around to seem cool, and

thinking of that you're going to hug me and to fuck me over several hours makes me to

masturbate myself harder, to caress myself on places from my body where your hand

will come soon, and it will offer me powerful orgasms. Then, other orgasms will

come. Our bodies will stick to each other, and will create strange sounds because of

the sweat between us. The people around will listen to our powerful orgasm, and you,

my love, will show me that you are the one who makes miracles, when you are hotter

than the water which I dive myself into now, where I'm masturbating myself, thinking

of you...


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