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The first client who was reading my London escort mind


I want to say at the beginning that I was living alone…

My story begins like this: I bought a phone from a friend who left in it some phone numbers. One night I

was so bored so I called those numbers. At one of them someone answered. A man with a voice which

practically made me wet (I was at the beginning of my sexual life) and as I said… after long conversations

my curiosity started to burn, so I invited him over. He came fast, and we opened a bottle of wine and

started to laugh about the way we met.

After a few drinks he came closer to me, looked straight into my eyes and kissed me, really kinky. I was

so wet. He started touching me on my neck, breasts, belly and he got down… I was looking kinky at him.

We understood each other only with our looks. He laid me down, kissed me and he got down, where I

was expecting and he started licking me softly and then harder and faster, biting me and putting two

fingers inside me. I was moaning of pleasure.

He suddenly stopped and he put me on my knees, putting his dick into my mouth. What a pleasure, his

dick was so big. My moves were driving him crazy, and then I discovered that I was good. I couldn’t stop.

He grabbed my hair and started to control my moves.

He pulled my hair and he put me on my knees with my ass up, and he started fucking me, slowly, teasing

me. He was fucking me perfectly, like he was reading my mind. He was driving me crazy and I was

practically shaking. I couldn’t stay like that anymore so I laid him down and looking into his eyes I knew

what he wanted. I started sucking his dick, licking it, playing with his balls. I was sucking it so hard that

he has finished in my mouth.

But I wanted more. So, after smoking a cigarette, we started all over. He took me in the kitchen, put me

on the table, spread my legs and started fucking me hard, a little violent. I was a little scared, but I loved

it at the same time. He was fucking me, biting my lips, squeezing my ass… and then he had an idea… I

thought about it for a while and I said to him that I never done that. He was thrilled. He turned me over

and he started licking my pussy and he put a finger into my ass. I liked it but it was nothing compared to

his dick, which a minute later was trying to get in. I liked it but it hurt so much. I loved that pain. He was

playing with my cunt at the same time. I was in my world… I felt how my ass cracked… and I screamed

kinky… I was shaking and he got in slowly, deeper and deeper. I liked it… he was squeezing my tits and

spanking me on my buttocks at the same time. I was all wet and practically paralyzed. I couldn’t move.

He took me into his arms and took me into the bedroom, on the bed. He took a shower, kissed me,

smiled, got dressed and he left.

I didn’t realized it… I was in my world… I fell asleep like that…

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