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The girlfriend experience with the best London escorts

Why do I offer the girlfriend experience?

The first time I heard about the girlfriend experience it was at the beginning of my career as an

escort. I instantly thought it was only about sex, that there were men who are willing to pay us to have

sex with them. I was a little shocked and confused at the beginning, but I tried hard to accept that and to

do whatever is necessary to become one of the best girls in this branch (I succeeded that, but in other

ways). It passed a while after I was hired, until a client asked me for the girlfriend experience. I’ve never

did that until then and I was curious and a little scared at the same time because I didn’t knew what to

do. I asked my co workers what is it all about, but their answers were unclear and vague, the only thing

that I understood it was that “it’s special”.

That day finally arrived, the day of my first “girlfriend experience day”. I was very lucky because

the client who asked me for that was and old client whom I’ve met in my very first day and I was his date

to many different work events or dinner parties. I can say that I already knew him pretty well, we’ve

connected at those various boring events that we’ve attended, where we were practically forced to talk,

otherwise we would’ve gone crazy between all those serious, boring people. He was very shy, actually

he was so shy, that the first time we’ve met I almost forced him to answer a few question so we could

make a conversation. After this, we’ve started to see each other more often, and he started to trust me

so he became my regular client and I was his regular call.

Everything went normally until one day he called me and said that he said that we wanted to

have “the girlfriend experience”, trying to make me more calm saying that is just a date. I was still a little

nervous but I started preparing for my date. It was exactly what I didn’t expect. He came to pick me up,

bought me flowers, took me out to dinner, we talked the whole evening about everything and then he

took me home and he just kissed me goodnight. And this was everything that happened, nothing more.

It was exactly like a normal date, were we both felt great.

Since that day I loved even more my job as an escort, and I had many more dates like this. I

understood differently every man that came here and I saw them with different eyes. They are very

sweet man, with very little time, which from time to time feels the need to talk to someone and be out

on a dinner date. This is one special part of my job, which satisfies both parts and puts you in good state

of mind and soul.

This was my first “girlfriend experience” and this is why a love to offer it and why is my favorite

part of my job as an escort. It makes me feel much better, and to see the happiness on the face of the

client who is standing right in front of you, it is priceless.

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