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The last time with a London escort

I dedicate these rows to the old love stories, forgotten faces, re-memorized kisses…

She was standing in front of me with a tense smile. I was biting my lips to stop the wish to tell her that I

love her. It was too late for us.

I walked her to the door and I told her that I will never forget her. Then… before she left… I whispered

her the lyrics that I wrote a long time ago and I didn’t know that I memorized. I’m not a brave

man, but I could never understand why I was shaking like that in front of her. And her crying eyes were

killing me. She hugged me harder than she ever did, and I just stood there like a rock, in front of our

impossible future…

“I know that I will never love like now…” my lips wanted to whisper, but they couldn’t….

But her lips were weaker and they confessed their love… the forgetting… and finally, they refused my


I wanted to leave but… the memory line stopped in a different scenario:

“Stay!” “I can’t…” I answered, looking sad behind me, over my shoulder…

She hugged me again and this time she looked for my lips. The kiss was passionate, full of emotions and

intense. I remember the taste of her lips, the softness of her tongue, like I wanted to taste every tissue.

She pulled me back in and neither of us could stop anymore. My fingers blocked on her faced, and

started to go down on the soft skin from her neck, and then… I moved my kisses on her child shoulders,

of which I dreamed so much to undress them. She was still crying, biting her lips, still whispering her

love… we were… together… we looked at each other naked, sharing a moment of mute veneration, of

union which can be described in words or images. My hands touched every part of her body and my lips

tasted it. It was the only time when my tears touched the breasts of a woman, like the rain touches the

flowers… I felt their salty taste… when I got between her legs, I put my tongue on her labials, looking for

the wetness inside her, thirsty for me… what can be more beautiful than seeing the women that you

love, looking for your dick, like for a cup of nectar? I got into her slowly, lubricated by the love of her

body. We were breathing slowly the same air, looking into each other’s eyes, shaking in the rhythm of

the heart that we share.

She was shaking of pleasure while I was getting even harder and deeper into her, grabbing me and

scratching my skin with her nails. The hurt and the pleasure mixed, and the feeling was great. She came

first, and seeing her like that, full of pleasure, I came while I was still inside her.

I kept her in my arms like that, for a few more minutes and then I got up, got dressed and I left. She

started crying again, but she didn’t say anything this time. She knew, she agreed with me, that it was for

the last time, maybe the best.

I never saw her again after that, but I will always remember her like this, shaking and moaning of

pleasure while I was inside her, in every possible position.

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