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The perfect moment as a London escort

It's night. A fugitive thought passed through my mind...what if you were here? To kiss

me, to hug me, to caress me, to touch my entire body like only you can do... You’re

really driving me crazy. A few days ago I seemed to be that kind of girl who could

drive men’s mind crazy only with her smile. I really liked to play with their minds, to

make them believe that they could have me when actually nothing could happen,

absolutely nothing.

Ohh, what memories. I should better go outside to get some fresh air, to relax myself a

little. Said and done. Watch me in the front of the house, on the bench, smoking my


Hmmm, summer night, the moon is on the sky, there are no stars, something is telling

me that there is no need for them, at least today. It's already 1.00 a.m. ... how fast

passed the time. But it doesn't matter; I'll stay here on the bench till late. Suddenly,

someone is touching me, and the next second I hear a "Boo!" You started laughing,

you really scared me.

- Are you crazy? What are you doing here at this time? Aren’t you cold?

- Don't worry. I'm fine. By the way, why do you care? Between us really was

something, sometime, and may still be but none of us wants to admit the truth.

- Because I care. So, what are you looking for here?

- Nothing, I'm just staying, I'm smoking, and I’m trying to think...

- About what?

- About nothing. About the nothing that was between us...and all of that because of


- Me? Why me? I have told you before; I did that because I don't want you to suffer.

- Too late! Then, you gave me down of the bench, you raised me up and you started to

hug me tight.

- Why did you do that? Do you think is useful your hug if tomorrow you are going to

go out with other girls? I have to admit that I was always jealous.

- I'm doing this because I love you. And then you took me in your arms and we went

in my house.

- You put me on the bed, you barefoot me, then you did the same thing and you sat

behind me. You caressed my face, you touched me, and you admired me. We looked

at each other lying on the bed. Suddenly, you started kissing me and to touching my

breasts and my ass.

You had put your hand under my blouse and you unbuttoned my bra. You looked at

me in a strange way, you explored me with your eyes. You undressed me totally, and I

was staying there like a doll, like your doll.

I already knew what was going to happen next ...I could swear that you wanted to have

sex immediately but wasn't seemed to be decided to make me feel good. You

started kissing every area of my body. You went in my sensitive area and when you

saw that I was wet you started to tease me and you licked besides it, and you looked at

me with your sweet eyes and you started to lick me there too. I can say that it was so

good, I felt like in the seventh heaven, and you didn’t wanted to leave me alone till I

had orgasm, and that happened also. I can say that I haven’t had such an orgasm


I was almost exhausted, lying on the bed so helpless, and you were looking at me.

Suddenly, you came closer and you took me tight in your arms, you kissed me and you

whispered me: "you are so beautiful when you moan of pleasure". Finally you

undressed yourself had a hard erection...I was excited to see you

horny. You asked me if I want you to continue...I didn't know what to say...I looked at

you in such a way that you understood what I wanted, and you continued, but I don't

regret that you did that.

I laid on my back and you sat over me, ohh..I felt so good with you, I felt your hard

dick then you got inside of me with its head, then all of it...You penetrated me slowly,

you knew how much I adore that and then you penetrated me faster...We both felt so

good, I could saw that in the way you bite your lower lip when you're very horny, I felt

that you were going to have an about me.. Kind of same thing...And so,

we had orgasm both at the same time, I felt your warm fluid within was ''the

perfect moment''. You got down of the bed, you took my hand and told me:

Let's go to the bathroom to take a shower together! Courage! You will like it!


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