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What do London escorts think about older clients?

 Some of my  clients asked pretty often what we think about older clients. London escorts have never been de

So to answer everyone, once and for all, it doesn’t really matter.

Old, young, middle-aged, it really doesn’t

matter, because the age doesn’t define them and how they act, so this thing is kind of irrelevant.

Is true that some of my London escort coworkers prefer older clients because they think that they are

much easier to satisfy, but that is not exactly true. At least I do not agree with this statement, because at

the end they are all men and they all want the same thing, regardless the age. At least from my point of

view, we must treat them equally, with the same respect and the same care for each and every one.

One thing that I think is it possible to be different is that older men have the tendency to be

more patient and relaxed about everything, being surer about them and what they have to do with us.

And so they can make us to be more relaxed and confident on what we are doing and it is a little easier

this way for everyone. But this is not a specific characteristic for older man.

Also another reason that could make a person think that we prefer older man is that sometimes

the younger ones could be a little more impatient and they have the tendency to hurry things up. But

again, this is not a general truth. Yes, there are some people who tend to do this kind of things, but it is

not a rule that they have to be younger. So again it isn’t a real reason for why we should prefer older

If you are still wondering what kind of people we prefer, the answer it is simple.


We don’t care about age, skin color or ethnicity, because at the end they are all men, wanting the same things. The

things that make them special are their wishes, the way they treat us and also need us, and the way they

ask for some sort of things and how they act after everything it’s done.

We have met different kinds of people, of different ages acting totally backwards than we

expected them to do. Older people acting childish, younger men who are almost kids being more

mature than we ever imagined, leaving us very amazed with their character. So, in my opinion, age is

very irrelevant. Age doesn’t always build a man’s character or personality.

So, in conclusion, we do not prefer older men, nor younger or middle-aged, because none of this

little and insignificant things matter.

The only thing that matters is the way they act.

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