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What to expect when seeing an escort?

We all do some things for the first time in our lives and it is normal to be nervous and to have different type of expectations.

I heard many times about how anxious a man can be when he meets an escort for the first time. Nervous about what will happen, how they have to present themselves, especially if we talk about shy guys.  Probably there are a lot more men that would like to meet a sex worker but they are too shy to make this step. In this article I will try to give you some tips, if it is your first time when you meet a girl who does this.

We’ll assume that you’ve found the right escort for you, made the booking and the appointment would take place at a hotel or at your house.

Before she arrives, make sure you have a clean place, especially a clean bathroom with fresh towels ready, because you will both need it for some time in the evening.  You will make a great impression!

After the escort arrives, make sure to be friendly, but not too much, make her feel like she is a regular guest in your home.  It would be very polite to give her some time at the beginning to make her feel comfortable, to show her the surroundings and to ask her if she wants something to drink.

When it comes to actually getting it on in the bedroom, your experience depends on your escort and on what you are comfortable with. Generally a service will include oral sex on you and intercourse, but keep in mind that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you just feel like a blow job or a hand job it’s fine to ask for that.

Speaking of respect, be attentive to her wishes. If she tells you to be gentler or asks to change positions it’s important to respect her, because unless she’s having fun too it’s going to be a pretty bad experience. When the escort  is ready to leave, thanks are always appreciated if you enjoyed the time spent with her. There is no need to promise you will book her again and no pressure to tip her, unless you really feel to.

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