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When sex begins with the back entrance in the vision of London escorts


I was old enough to have a boyfriend and pretty mature to start my sexual life but...

Maybe because I didn’t find the right man or maybe because I was still under the influence of my parents and the old

saying: “your virginity is the most precious treasure that you have” or “be careful, because I don’t want

to see you coming home pregnant”. Back then I had a boyfriend who was three years younger than me; I

was a virgin and he was initiated by an older girl, somewhere on a country side, but he still didn’t knew

what sex meant. We were walking nicely, holding our hands, kissing from time to time, and the only

sexual experiences that we had were touches and caresses stolen from each other in his bedroom,

because his parents were always home and we never had privacy or intimacy.

But someone up there is on the side of those who really want something (I forgot to say that he was a

religious man) and my grandma makes me a big surprise and she leaves me the key to her apartment to

fresh up the air there, while she is gone to the country side. So I took my beautiful boy (not only was he

gorgeous when he was 17-18 years old, but now he looks amazing) and tickled by sinner thoughts I

made the visits to my grandma’s house more often. We’ve continued like this for almost for months,

and very easy we got to the point where we were both naked, masturbating each other and obviously

making oral sex to each other (no one can notice that, and you can’t pregnant out of that) so we were

already experts in sucking and licking.

That’s a good thing, I must admit, but what can you do when sex doesn’t mean only that?

About penetration we couldn’t even talk about! Especially because my boyfriend was already too

jealous because I was leaving for college, and because of me because I still couldn’t move on over what

my parents have said.

Everything was going great, until his birthday approached and I couldn’t get rid of the thought that “I

must do it” and then I found the perfect solution… his birthday gift!

I took him there, we undressed each other, we caressed and masturbate each other and after that I

whispered to him “I want to make love with you…” My gorgeous boy is stunned and obviously excited

and he barely has the power to ask “and after that?” what about the consequences…. Where I answered

fast with the greatest idea “we should do it anal” As a lovely boy as he is, he didn’t say anything only to

show me how much he loves me and that he appreciates my sacrifice. And here I am, having my first

sexual contact… on the back door!

How it was? Imagine… no lubricant, no experience… it was almost ok… (It got in) but I can say for sure

that I didn’t think anymore about my parents and neither did him about religion.


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