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I was feeling destroyed. I lost my head completely with a person that I knew only virtually. It

seemed to be only an innocent flirt. A chat thrown there, a chat thrown over there, and

look, without my wish, I wake up and I'm fall in love with my virtual friend, John. I

hate myself. I don't understand how I let him who has no physical effect over me to

affect me so much. He started with jokes that made my heart beating intense. He

continued with nights when we seemed to be afraid to leave the chat and go to sleep,

and of course, it ended tragically.


After, some time, actually less than I expected, John became more distant, more cold.

My intuition, which almost never disappointed me, observed this thing and I started to

put him questions. At first he gave me vague answers, but, finally he confessed me

that he doesn't see a future for us and he better "give up now then suffer more later ".

And so ended my little adventure from paradise, maybe before it really started.

So, tonight, I'm going out, and I'm going to do something crazy. Not thinking. I don't

want to think anymore, there is no point.

I'm leaving from home about to 10 pm . We got to the club at 10:30 pm. We just

arrived and I already order 2 shots of tequila. Then I continued with vodka, and with

wine, and beer, and brandy. Without realizing I got frunk after 30 minutes.

I felt somebody watching me. My friend came to me and told me that a boy with big

eyes is watching insistently at me. I'm watching at him too, directly, without any

shame. Our eyes met. I smiled at him and I went to him. Visibly stunned he asked me

how I'm doing, how is my night, how I’m having fun, ordinary stuff. Without too

much words I stopped him from talking with an intense and strong kiss. My tongue

touches his tongue and the sparks fly. I whispered on his ear that we should go

together to "a silent place". He followed me like a good kid.

We went fast in the bathroom and I pushed him into a cabin. I undressed him fastly

and I talked to him dirty. I was totally out of my mind , I had no idea what I was

saying ...I got his pants down and I took his dick in my hand. He was really gifted. I

licked it a little and then I took it all in my mouth. I was moving fast , I tried to give

him the impression that I did that before, but actually I didn’t. He started to moan. He

was astonished about what I was doing but he didn’t stop me. He undressed me too

and he started to lick my breasts. He took my nipples in his mouth and he bit them ,

then he caressed them and he bit them again. Then he teased me with his tongue. I was

dying of pleasure and I screamed that I want him. He put fastly a condom and he

penetrated me. It was so good, the heat covered me totally, I started screaming but he

covered my mouth so that no one could hear us. The rhythm was amazing , I thought

that I was going to explode. He finished a few minutes ago, I dressed up fastly and I

went home. Without any other word, in 3 seconds I was in the taxi. I arrived home and

I fell down in my bed. In the morning, I woke up and I went to the computer. On

Facebook, guess who? A friend request from Eduard Newman, the boy from last night.

I asked my friend if she gaves him my Facebook ID and she admitted that she did. I

felt a shame wave and I was thinking if I should accept his friend request or not. After

I’ve accepted his friend request, immediately I received a message ...

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