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I Am A Passionate Party Girl London Escort

Do you want to meet the most amazing Party girl London escorts? Do you want to know what the vision of excellent escort services feels like? Nyx Escorts is the most amazing thing that can ever happen to you when we are speaking of London escorts. 

I love my job, being a party girl London escort is one of my favorite things in trhe world because you will have a lot of memories and stories to think of when you are at night lonely in your bed.

Like I am now … And I am thinking at the lovely dinner that I had two nights ago with him, a gorgeous tall men with green eyes. It was kind of a romantic dinner, we had a few glasses of red wine, a funny and intense chat and after he paid the bill he wanted to go to a club. I was a little bit tipsy so I loved the idea. We went to a club nearby that he knew and as I was walking inside I began to understand why he wanted to go there, it was madness the music was really loud and the lights were almost nonexistent. I went directly to the ring and started to dance. He came back after a few minutes with two shots with beautiful colors and as I reached out to them he said firmly NO. I was a little bit confused but when he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall I started getting the idea.

 He started kissing me really slow and biting my lips really hard, I started filling like a puppet in his hands. He started pouring the shot on my neck and started to drink it from my skin, it was so hot inside and the filling of the cold shot aroused my nipples really hard. He saw that and started to massage them really slow and to squeeze them really hard. And then I finally heard the magic words : I like nearby, should we grab a cab?

In the next minutes we were on our way, in the back of the car and I was sitting behind the driver. I was wearing a short red dress and he took advantage of that. He firmly put his hand on my leg and started going up; moment my heart started racing. He started to rub my labia really slow and hard, I was on the edge of having and orgasm but then we reached our destination.

We entered the building almost running and got into the elevator. He pushed me against the mirror and violently put two fingers inside me and pushed them deep inside, I was dripping all over the place and moaning of pleasure.

When we finally reached his apartment I couldn’t resist anymore, I wanted him so bad, I got on my knees and started to undress him. His penis was godlike, it was big and thick and hard as a rock so I started sucking him like crazy. When I felt he is on the edge to cum I stopped and I started licking his balls really slow with the tip of my tongue. He couldn’t resist anymore, he took me in his arms, ripped the dress off me, he put me on all fours and he started fucking me like crazy. The pain was mixing with pleasure, as he was grabbing my ass and slapping it from time to time. When I felt it is the right time I quickly turned and started to suck him really fast and hard until I felt him cum in my mouth. He looked so relaxed and happy.

After that we took a shower together, kissed, washed and played with each other for a little bit.

We went to bed so tired but with the thought that in the morning we will do it all over again.

Contact Nyx Escorts right now and have the best Party girl London escort experience of your entire life.

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