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My first day in London

My first day in London


   I was fascinated by London since childood. I had always wanted to see this marvelous city but I didn't really get the chance until  a business opportunity that required me to meet wit certain clients that were from London.

   I heard a lot of crazy and amazing stories about how great London escorts were and some of my friends even told me that they are the best thing that has ever happened to London. It is sort of a capital of sex. And money. It is a city that is plain amazing for everybody that loves the good life. An amazing place for satisfying all of your senses, from some of the best types of food and drink on the planet, some of the best clubs, hotels and certainly, the most amazing women in the world.

   What was amazing about this trip of mine was that I didn't know anything about hiring escorts. I didn't how if I should be trusting street escorts and I was not really in the mood of contacting one found on the internet, neither. What happened was that I arrived in this great city and I wanted to experience the fullness of the luxurious experience that London is so famous for.

   So I went to check in at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard, an absolutely amazing place, some of the most amazing hotels in the world, and this isn't only my opinion. It is representing the leading edge of architecture, technology and beauty in London right now anddoesn't really have any competition. Being checked in at such a fantastic hotel, I wanted to be able to have the most amazing services also. 

   I was very turned on from the sexy flight attendants that have been walking all around my seat like they were trying to drive me crazy with those little skirts that they were wearing. Afterwards I was walking in the center of London and all the stunning women that I came across and all of the luxury that was surrounding me only worked as a fuel for my lust that was reaching heights that I never thought they were possible before.

   I felt the lust for life and power. I wanted a release.

   I wanted an amazing experience that will make me feel at least a bit satisfied. But this wasn't really what I wanted. I wanted complete satisfaction. I was in this amazing hotel that was making me feel like an eccentric billionaire. I wanted to satisfy all of my pleasures. I  wanted multiple stunning beauties to be here only for my supreme satisfaction. I wanted to have everything I have ever lusted about and I only wanted it to be mine. I hate sharing. I find it disgusting. I am happy I have very active instincts and I get very angry if I feel that someone is threatening me, my possesions or someone I care about. 

   Enough about me. I should be getting back to the story. What is interesting was that I had a sense of peace and a feeling that kinda told me to stay calm and enjoy this day, because I will indeed be getting everything I previously desireed.

   I went to the fantastic bar from the hotel, had a couple of drinks ande and I headed for the reception. I didn't really know how to ask and found it a bit awkward, but I had to do it. So I asked the receptionist if can help me in any way to find an escort agency or anything that could handle my tension and lust that was driving me absolutely crazy in those moments.

   He wasn't even amused and he told me that I should come to ask him about anything I ever need in this city. He recommended me Nyx Escorts, which he told me it was the absolute best London Escort directory that I could ever hope to work with. 

   I contacted Nyx Escorts and I hired 5 beautiful escorts for achieving complete satisfaction in my first night in London. I wanted to have the most beautiful girls for the night an I wanted to feel the utmost satisfaction in this life. I didn't care about the money, I did only care about myself and achieving the highest degree of satisfaction that is possible.

   The experience was better than anything I have ever dreamed of, better than any kind of porn, the girls were more skilled than any of my previous girlfriends, they were amazing and I even tried a lot of things that I never had the chance of doing, like being satisfied by 5 woenat once in multiple ways. They have been absolutely amazing, from the way they were looking to how sweet they were and how their bodies were making me want to bite their skin, I was lusting every piece of them nd they were mine for the whole night. 

   There would literally be too much words if I started to describe everything I did that night and how I was feeling each moment. The sensations were going higher and higher this I can say. There was nothing ever in my life that took me as close as this fascinating experience did. 

   I thanked the receptionist from the bottom of my heart for recommending me such an amazing London escort directory. 

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