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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. Are the gallery pictures real?

All of the pictures in the gallery are genuine.

2. How to book an escort model?

It is very simple to make an appointment with our escort. Choose one of the models from our gallery and call us. Contact number: ___ Moreover, you can use online form to book an escort model. If you are having difficulty choosing model do not hesitate to contact us. Our reception will be happy to help you to make right decision.

3. Are your fees negotiable?

Fees are not negotiable and must be paid on arrival.

4. Can I make clothing request?

Yes, you can.

5. What payment methods are accepted?

Cash and Credit Cards

6. If I change my mind, is there a cancellation fee?

You can cancel your escort after you book her on the website or after you make the call. The escort cannot be canceled after the date is set

7. What is included in a dinner date?

- usually a dinner date tent to last around 3 or 4 hours

- personal dinner date

- attend to any social event

- private parties

- the escort will have a dress code at your requirements

- your pleasure ( by consent of the companion)

8. Is all this legal? Am I breaking the law?

Yes it is legal, and, no, you're definitely not breaking the law. We are simply representing freelance individuals who take payment in exchange for spending their time with you. Lots of agencies do that, to provide temporary office staff, supply teachers and babysitters. We do it for escorts. What the girls do when they are with you is their business and yours - it's nothing to do with us. As for you, as long as you don't pay anyone under the age of 18 to be an escort for yourself, you're fine. All our escorts are well over age and have provided us with proof of that.